ArcGIS Utility Functions

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Documentation for package ‘arcgisutils’ version 0.1.1

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%||% General utility functions
arc_host Determines Portal Host
as_esri_features Create Esri geometry objects
as_esri_featureset Create Esri geometry objects
as_esri_geometry Create Esri geometry objects
as_extent Convert an object to an extent
as_features Create Esri geometry objects
as_featureset Create Esri geometry objects
as_feature_collection Create Esri layer objects
as_geometry Create Esri geometry objects
as_layer Create Esri layer objects
as_layer_definition Create Esri layer objects
auth_binding Authorization
auth_client Authorization
auth_code Authorization
auth_user Authorization
compact General utility functions
count_features Retrieve metadata
date_to_ms Date handling
detect_errors Detect errors in parsed json response
determine_dims Determine the dimensions of a geometry object
determine_esri_geo_type Determine Esri Geometry type
fetch_layer_metadata Retrieve metadata
from_esri_date Date handling
get_ptype Esri field type mapping
has_m Determine the dimensions of a geometry object
has_z Determine the dimensions of a geometry object
infer_esri_type Esri field type mapping
is_date Date handling
parse_esri_json Parse Esri JSON
refresh_token Authorization
remote_ptype_tbl Esri field type mapping
requests Retrieve metadata
set_auth_token Authorization
validate_crs Validate CRS object
validate_or_refresh_token Authorization