Inferring Directional Conservative Causal Core Gene Networks

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Documentation for package ‘Ac3net’ version 1.2.2

Help Pages

Ac3net Implement Ac3net algorithm with a single function.
Ac3net.commonlinks Find the common links between the network lists.
Ac3net.cutoff Calculates a quick cutoff value from an adjacency matrix
Ac3net.filtersames The correlations of the same variables are set to zero.
Ac3net.getDifferentLinks Find the different links between the network lists.
Ac3net.getDirectedOrDualLinks Find the unique directed or dual links in the network.
Ac3net.maxmim Find the maximum valued partner of each variable.
Ac3net.MTC Return adjusted p-values of the adjancency matrix.
Ac3net.performance Find the performance of the first network based on the second.
expdata Real E.coli Gene Expression Dataset
truenet The known intreactions of E.coli from RegulonDB database.
zeroindx The indices to force to zero correlations.