Continuous-Time Multivariate Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘ctmva’ version 1.4.0

Help Pages

ctmva-package Continuous-time multivariate analysis
cca.ct Continuous-time canonical correlation analysis
center.ct Center a continuous-time multivariate data set
cor.ct Continuous-time correlation or cross-correlation matrix
cov.ct Continuous-time covariance or cross-covariance matrix
ctmva Continuous-time multivariate analysis
inprod.cent Centered inner product matrix for a basis or pair of bases
kmeans.ct Continuous-time k-means clustering
lda.ct Continuous-time Fisher's linear discriminant analysis
meanbasis Compute means of basis functions
pca.ct Continuous-time principal component analysis
plot.kmeans.ct Plot a kmeans.ct object
plot.lda.ct Plot an lda.ct object
plot.silhouette.ct Plot a silhouette.ct object
silhouette.ct Silhouettes for continuous-time k-means clustering
standardize.ct Center and scale a continuous-time multivariate data set