Functions and Datasets for Books by Julian Faraway

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-- A --

aatemp Annual mean temperatures in Ann Arbor, Michigan
abrasion Wear on materials according to type, run and position
aflatoxin aflatoxin dosage and liver cancer in lab animals
africa miltary coups and politics in sub-Saharan Africa
airpass Airline passengers
alfalfa Effects of seed inoculum, irrigation and shade on alfalfa yield
amlxray Match pair study for AML and Xray link
anaesthetic Time in minutes to eye opening after reversal of anaesthetic.

-- B --

babyfood Respiratory disease rates of babies fed in different ways
beetle Beetles exposed to fumigant
bliss Insect mortality due to insecticide
breaking Breaking strength of materials
broccoli Broccoli weight variation
butterfat Butterfat content of milk by breed

-- C --

cathedral Cathedral nave heights and lengths in England
cheddar Taste of Cheddar cheese
chicago Chicago insurance redlining
chiczip Chicago zip codes north-south
chmiss Chicago insurance redlining
choccake Chocolate cake experiment with split plot design
chredlin Chicago insurance redlining
clot Blood clotting times
cmob Social class mobility from 1971 to 1981 in the UK
cns Malformations of the central nervous system
coagulation Blood coagulation times by diet
composite Strength of a thermoplastic composite depending on two factors
cornnit Corn yields from nitrogen application
corrosion Corrosion loss in Cu-Ni alloys
cpd Projected and actual sales of 20 consumer products
Cpplot Cp plot
crawl Crawling babies by month
ctsib Effects of surface and vision on balance.

-- D --

death Death penalty in Florida 1977
debt psychology of debt
denim Denim wastage by supplier
diabetes Diabetes and obesity, cardiovascular risk factors
dicentric Radiation dose effects on chromosomal abnormality
divusa Divorce in the USA 1920-1996
drugpsy Choice of drug treatment for psychiatry patients
dvisits Doctor visits in Australia

-- E --

eco Ecological regression example
eggprod Treatment and block effects on egg production
eggs Nested data on lab testing of eggs
epilepsy Epileptic seizures in clinical trial of drug
esdcomp Complaints about emergency room doctors
exa Simulated non-parametric regression data
exb Simulated non-parametric regression data
eyegrade grading of eye pairs for distance vision

-- F --

fat Percentage of Body Fat and Body Measurements
femsmoke Mortality due to smoking according age group in women
fortune Billionaires' wealth and age
fpe 1981 French Presidential Election
fround Formating the Rounding of Numbers
fruitfly Longevity of fruitflies depending on sexual activity and thorax length

-- G --

gala Species diversity on the Galapagos Islands
galamiss Species diversity on the Galapagos Islands
gammaray Xray decay from a gamma ray burst
gavote Undercounted votes in Georgia in 2000 presidential election
globwarm Northern Hemisphere temperatures and climate proxies in the last millenia

-- H --

haireye Hair and eye color
halfnorm Half Normal Plot
happy love, work and happiness
hemoglobin Treatment of insulin dependent diabetic children
hips Ankylosing Spondylitis
hormone Hormone concentrations in gay and straight men
hprice Housing prices in US cities 86-94
hsb Career choice of high school students

-- I --

ilogit Inverse Logit Transformation
infmort Infant mortality according to income and region
insulgas Effects of insulation on gas consumption
irrigation Irrigation methods in an agricultural field trial

-- J --

jsp Junior School Project

-- K --

kanga Kangaroo skull measurements

-- L --

lawn Cut-off times of lawnmowers
leafblotch Leaf blotch on barley
leafburn Data on the burning time of samples of tobacco leaves
logit Logit transformation

-- M --

mammalsleep Sleep in Mammals: Ecological and Constitutional Correlates
manilius Mayer's 1750 data on the Manilius crater on the moon
maxadjr Maximum Adjusted R-squared
meatspec Meat spectrometry to determine fat content
melanoma Melanoma by type and location
motorins Third party motor insurance claims in Sweden in 1977

-- N --

neighbor Questionnaire study of neighborly help
nels88 National Education Longitudinal Study of 1988
nepali Nepali child heath study
nes96 US 1996 national election study
newhamp New Hampshire Democratic Party Primary 2008

-- O --

oatvar Yields of oat varieties planted in blocks
odor Odor of chemical by production settings
ohio Ohio Children Wheeze Status
orings Spache Shuttle Challenger O-rings
ozone Ozone in LA in 1976

-- P --

parstum Marijuana and parent alcohol and drug use
peanut Carbon dioxide effects on peanut oil extraction
penicillin Penicillin yield by block and treatment
pfround Formating the Rounding of Numbers
phbirths Birth weights in Philadelphia
pima Diabetes survey on Pima Indians
pipeline NIST data on ultrasonic measurements of defects in the Alaska pipeline
pneumo Pneumonoconiosis in coal miners
potuse Marijuana usage by youth
prostate Prostate cancer surgery
prplot Partial Residual Plot
psid Panel Study of Income Dynamics subset
pulp Brightness of paper pulp depending on shift operator
punting Leg strength and punting
pvc Production of PVC by operator and resin railcar
pyrimidines Activity in pyrimidines

-- Q --

qqnorml Labeled QQ plot

-- R --

rabbit Rabbit weight gain by diet and litter
ratdrink Rat growth weights affected by additives
rats Effect of toxic agents on rats
resceram Shape and plate effects on current noise in resistors

-- S --

salmonella Salmonella reverse mutagenicity assay
sat School expenditure and test scores from USA in 1994-95
savings Savings rates in 50 countries
seatpos Car seat position depending driver size
seeds Germination of seeds depending on moisture and covering
semicond Semiconductor split-plot experiment
sexab Post traumatic stress disorder in abused adult females
sexfun Marital sex ratings
snail Snail production
solder Solder skips in printing circuit boards
sono Sonoluminescence
soybean Germination failures for soybean seeds
spector Teaching methods in Economics
speedo Speedometer cable shrinkage
star Star temperatures and light intensites
stat500 Marks in a statistics class
stepping Stepping and effect on heart rate
strongx Strong interaction experiment data
suicide Suicide method data from the UK
sumary Abbreviated Regression Summary
sumary,sumary-methods Abbreviated Regression Summary
sumary-method Abbreviated Regression Summary

-- T --

teengamb Study of teenage gambling in Britain
toenail Toenail infection treatment study
troutegg Survival of trout eggs depending on time and location
truck Truck leaf spring experiment
turtle Incubation temperature and the sex of turtles
tvdoctor Life, TVs and Doctors
twins Twin IQs from Burt

-- U --

uncviet UNC student opinions about the Vietnam War
uswages Weekly wages of US male workers in 1988

-- V --

vif vif
vif.default vif
vif.lm vif
vision Acuity of vision in response to light flash

-- W --

wafer resitivity of wafer in semiconductor experiment
wavesolder Defects in a wave soldering process
wbca Wisconsin breast cancer database
wcgs Western Collaborative Group Study
weldstrength welding strength DOE
wheat Insect damage to wheat by variety
worldcup Data on players from the 2010 World Cup