Management and Processing Tools for Data Produced by the Empatica E4

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Documentation for package ‘E4tools’ version 0.1.1

Help Pages

E4.Acc_Process.part1.ExtractRawAcc Acc Processing Part 1: Extract raw acceleromter data
E4.Acc_Process.part2.Filter_ConvertAcc Accelerometer Processing Part 2: Extract and filter accelerometer data This function will allow you to filter acceleromter data (based on the EDA signal) and add metrics like g and the normalized Euclidian distance from origin vector.
E4.Diagnostics.EDAplot Diagnostics: Plot EDA data and button presses
E4.Diagnostics.tempplot Diagnostics: Plot Temperature data and button presses
E4.extras.BinEDA Extras: Make EDA bins
E4.extras.ButtonPressessPerDay EDA Extra Processing: Get number of button presses per participant, per day from the combined "button_pressess.RDS" file
E4.GGIR.Export GGIR Export
E4.Step0.FileHelper Set global file locations to make other functions easier
E4.Temp.part1.extract_raw_temp Temperature Processing Part 1: Extract raw temperature data
E4.Temp.part2.bin_temp Temperature part 2: Make temperature bins
E4_EDA_Process.part1.ExtractRawEDA EDA Processing Part 1: Extract and filter EDA data
E4_EDA_Process.part2.ExtractButtonPresses EDA Processing Part 2: Extract button presses
E4_EDA_Process.part3.MatchPressesToEDA Match EDA data to button pressess
E4_EDA_Process.part4.BinMatchedEDA Bin the EDA data matched to button presses