Cost-Sensitive Multi-Criteria Ensemble Selection for Uncertain Cost Conditions

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Documentation for package ‘CSMES’ version 1.0.1

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BFP Business failure prediction demonstration data set
brierCurve Calculates Brier Curve
CSMES.ensNomCurve CSMES Training Stage 2: Extract an ensemble nomination curve (cost curve- or Brier curve-based) from a set of Pareto-optimal ensemble classifiers
CSMES.ensSel CSMES Training Stage 1: Cost-Sensitive Multicriteria Ensemble Selection resulting in a Pareto frontier of candidate ensemble classifiers
CSMES.predict CSMES scoring: generate predictions for the optimal ensemble classifier according to CSMES in function of cost information.
CSMES.predictPareto Generate predictions for all Pareto-optimal ensemble classifier candidates selected through CSMES
plotBrierCurve Plots Brier Curve