Prepare Electronic Prescription Record Data to Estimate Drug Exposure

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Documentation for package ‘drugprepr’ version 0.0.4

Help Pages

clean_duration Clean implausibly-long prescription durations
close_small_gaps Close small gaps between successive prescriptions
compute_ndd Compute numerical daily dose from free-text prescribing instructions
dataset1 Example data from the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD).
decision_1 Decision 1: impute implausible total quantities
decision_10 Decision 10: close small gaps between successive prescriptions
decision_2 Decision 2: impute missing total quantities
decision_3 Decision 3: impute implausible daily doses
decision_4 Decision 4: impute missing daily doses
decision_5 Decision 5: impute implausible prescription durations
decision_6 Decision 6: choose method of calculating prescription duration
decision_7 Decision 7: impute missing prescription durations
decision_8 Decision 8: disambiguate prescriptions with the same start date
decision_9 Decision 9: handle overlapping prescription periods
drug_prep Run drug preparation algorithm
example_therapy Example electronic prescription dataset
get_mode Get the mode (most common value) of a vector
impute Impute missing or implausible values
impute_duration Replace missing or implausible prescription durations
impute_ndd Replace implausible or missing numerical daily doses (NDD)
impute_qty Find implausible entries Replace implausible or missing prescription quantities
isolate_overlaps Separating overlapping prescription periods
make_decisions Human-friendly interface to the drug prep algorithm
min_max_dat Example min-max data.
outside_range Do values fall outside a specified 'plausible' range?
shift_interval Shift time intervals until they no longer overlap