Mathematical Modelling of (Dynamic) Microbial Inactivation

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Documentation for package ‘bioinactivation’ version 1.2.3

Help Pages

Arrhenius_iso Isothermal Arrhenius model
Bigelow_iso Isothermal Bigelow's Model
build_temperature_interpolator Continuum Interpolation of Discrete Temperatures Values
check_model_params Correctness Check of Model Parameters
dArrhenius_model First derivative of the Arrhenius model
dBigelow_model First Derivate of the Linear Bigelow Model
dGeeraerd_model First Derivate of Geeraerd's Model
dMafart_model First Derivate of the Weibull-Mafart Model
dMetselaar_model First Derivate of the Metselaar Model
dPeleg_model First Derivate of the Weibull-Peleg Model
dynamic_inactivation Example Dynamic Inactivation of a Microorganis
fit_dynamic_inactivation Fitting of Dynamic Inactivation Models
fit_inactivation_MCMC Fitting of dynamic inactivation with MCMC
fit_isothermal_inactivation Fit of Isothermal Experiments
get_isothermal_model_data Isothermal Model Data
get_model_data Mapping of Simulation Model Functions
get_prediction_cost Error of the Prediction of Microbial Inactivation
goodness_dyna Goodness of fit for Dynamic fits
goodness_iso Goodness of fit for Isothermal fits
goodness_MCMC Goodness of fit for MCMC fits
goodness_of_fit Goodness of fit for microbial inactivation models
is.FitInactivation Test of FitInactivation object
is.FitInactivationMCMC Test of FitInactivationMCMC object
is.IsoFitInactivation Test of IsoFitInactivation object
is.PredInactivationMCMC Test of PredInactivationMCMC object
is.SimulInactivation Test of SimulInactivation object
isothermal_inactivation Example Isothermal Inactivation of a Microorganis
laterosporus_dyna Example Dynamic Inactivation of a Laterosporus
laterosporus_iso Example Isothermal Inactivation of a Laterosporus
Metselaar_iso Isothermal Metselaar model
plot.FitInactivation Plot of FitInactivation Object
plot.FitInactivationMCMC Plot of FitInactivationMCMC Object
plot.IsoFitInactivation Plot of IsoFitInactivation Object
plot.PredInactivationMCMC Plot of PredInactivationMCMC Object
plot.SimulInactivation Plot of SimulInactivation Object
predict_inactivation Prediction of Dynamic Inactivation
predict_inactivation_MCMC Dynamic Prediction Intervals from a Monte Carlo Adjustment
sample_dynaFit Random sample of the parameters of a FitInactivation object
sample_IsoFit Random sample of the parameters of a IsoFitInactivation object
sample_MCMCfit Random sample of the parameters of a FitInactivationMCMC object
summary.FitInactivation Summary of a FitInactivation object
summary.FitInactivationMCMC Summary of a FitInactivationMCMC object
summary.IsoFitInactivation Summary of a IsoFitInactivation object
time_to_logreduction Time to reach X log reductions
WeibullMafart_iso Isothermal Weibull-Mafart Model
WeibullPeleg_iso Isothermal Weibull-Peleg Model