Delineating Temporal Dataset Shifts in Electronic Health Records

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Documentation for package ‘EHRtemporalVariability’ version 1.2.1

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DataTemporalMap Class DataTemporalMap
DataTemporalMap,DataTemporalMap-class Class DataTemporalMap
DataTemporalMap-class Class DataTemporalMap
estimateDataTemporalMap Estimates 'DataTemporalMap' objects from raw data
estimateIGTProjection Estimates an Information Geometric Temporal plot projection
estimateIGTProjection-method Estimates an Information Geometric Temporal plot projection
estimateIGTTrajectory Estimates a trajectory of the information temporal evolution in a IGT projection by fitting a cubic smoothing spline
formatDate Function to transform dates into "Date" R format
icd9toPheWAS Function to transform ICD9-CM codification into PheWAS code
IGTProjection Class IGTProjection
IGTProjection,IGTProjection-class Class IGTProjection
IGTProjection-class Class IGTProjection
plotDataTemporalMap Data Temporal heatmap
plotDataTemporalMap-method Data Temporal heatmap
plotIGTProjection Information Geometric Temporal plot
plotIGTProjection-method Information Geometric Temporal plot
trimDataTemporalMap Trims a 'DataTemporalMap'
trimDataTemporalMap-method Trims a 'DataTemporalMap'