The Analysis of Biological Data

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abd-package Data sets from The Analysis of Biological Data

-- A --

abd Data sets from The Analysis of Biological Data
abdData Find data in _Analysis of Biological Data_
AlgaeCO2 Carbon Dioxide and Growth Rate in Algae
Antilles Antilles Bird Immigration Dates
Aspirin Effects of Aspirin on Cancer Rates

-- B --

BeeGenes Foraging Gene Expression
BeeLifespans Bee Lifespans
Beetles Beetle Wings and Horns
BirdSexRatio Sex Ratios in Birds
Blackbirds Testosterone Levels in Blackbirds
BodyFatHeatLoss Heat Loss and Body Fat
BrainExpression Proteolipid Protein 1 Gene Expression
BrookTrout Salmon Survival in the Presence of Brook Trout
BrookTrout2 Salmon Survival in the Presence of Brook Trout

-- C --

Cavalry Deaths from Horse Kicks
Chickadees Alarm Calls in Chickadees
ChimpBrains Brodmann's Area 44 in Chimps
Cichlids Cichlid Mating Preference
CichlidsGnRH GnRH Levels in Cichlids
Clearcuts Biomass Change in Rainforests near Clearcuts
CocaineDopamine Effects of Cocaine on Dopamine Receptors
col.abd Lattice theme for Analysis of Biological Data
col.abd,theme.abd Lattice theme for Analysis of Biological Data
Convictions Frequency of Convictions for a Cohort of English Boys
ConvictionsAndIncome Convictions and Income Level in a Cohort of English Boys
Crickets Immunity and Sperm Viability in Crickets

-- D --

DaphniaLongevity Daphnia Longevity
DaphniaResistance Daphnia Resistance to Cyanobacteria
dataInfo 'abd' Data Sets
DayOfBirth Day of Birth
DEET DEET and Mosquito Bites
DesertBirds Desert Bird Census Data
Dioecy Dioecy vs. Monomorphism in Plants
Dolphins Dolphin Swimming Behavior
DungBeetles Heritability of Body Condition in Dung Beetles

-- E --

Earthworms Earthworm Diversity and Soil Nitrogen Levels
Earwigs Earwig Density and Forceps
Eelgrass Eelgrass Genotypes
ElectricFish Electric Fish
ElVerde Diet Breadth in a Rainforest Community
EndangeredSpecies Endangered and Threatened Species

-- F --

FingerRatio 2D:4D Finger Ratio
Fireflies Spermatophore Mass in Fireflies
FireflyFlash Firefly Flash Duration
FlycatcherPatch Forehead Patch Size in Collared Flycatachers
FlyTestes Testes Size in Flies

-- G --

GeneRegulation Gene Regulation in Saccharomyces
GlidingSnakes GlidingSnakes
GodwitArrival Godwit Arrival Dates
Grassland Grassland Diversity
GreatTitMalaria Malaria in Populations of Great Tit
Greenspace Diversity in Urban Green Space
Guppies Ornamentation and Attractiveness in Guppies

-- H --

Hemoglobin Hemoglobin Levels in High Altitude Populations
HippocampusLesions Memory and the Hippocampus
histochart Histogram from tabulated data
HornedLizards Horn Length and Predation Status of Horned Lizards
HumanBodyTemp Human Body Temperature
HumanGeneLengths Human Gene Lengths
Hurricanes Intense Hurricanes

-- I --

Iguanas Iguana Body Length Changes
IntertidalAlgae Intertidal Algae

-- J --

JetLagKnees Circadian Rhythm Phase Shift

-- K --

KenyaFinches Body Mass and Beak Length in Three Species of Finches in Kenya

-- L --

LanguageBrains Brain Structure in Bilingual Humans
LarvalFish Exploited Larval Fish
Lefthanded Left-handedness and Rates of Violence
LionCubs Time to Reproduction in Female Lions
LionNoses Lion Age and Nose Coloration
LiverPreparation Liver Preparation
LizardBite Bite Force in Collard Lizards
LizardSprint Sprint Speeds in Canyon Lizards
Lobsters Lobster Orientation
LodgepolePines Lodgepole Pine Cone Masses
LupusMice Autoimmune Reactivity in Lupus-prone Mice
Lynx Population Cycles of Lynx in Canada 1752-1819

-- M --

MarineReserve Marine Reserve Biomass
MassExtinctions Mass Extinction Frequency
MoleRats Energy Expenditure in Mole Rats
Mosquitoes Body Size in Anopheles Mosquitoes
MouseEmpathy Mouse Empathy

-- N --

NeanderthalBrains Cranial Capacity in Neanderthals and Modern Humans
NematodeLifespan Effects of Trimethadione on Lifespan in Nematodes
NeotropicalTrees Photosynthesis in Neotropical Trees
Newts Tetrodotoxin Resistance in Garter Snakes
NorthSeaCod Atlantic Cod Recruits
NoSmokingDay No Smoking Day

-- O --

OstrichTemp Ostrich Body and Brain Temperatures

-- P --

Penguins Penguin Heart Rate
PlantPersistence Population Persistence Times
Pollen Sterility in Hybrid Pollens
Powerball Powerball Tickets Sold
PrimateMetabolism Primate Metabolic Rates
PrimateWBC Primate White Blood Cell Counts and Promiscuity
ProgesteroneExercise Progesterone and Exercise
Pseudoscorpions Multiple Mating in Pseudoscorpions
Pufferfish Pufferfish Mimicry

-- R --

Rattlesnakes Temperature Change and Meal Size in Rattlesnakes
Rigormortis Rigormortis and Time of Death
RopeTrick Indian Rope Trick

-- S --

SagebrushCrickets Sagebrush Cricket Mating Times
SalmonColor Pacific Salmon Color
Seedlings Number of Seedlings Per Quadrat
Selection Data for Meta-analysis
SexualSelection Sexual Conflict
ShadParasites Shad Parasites
ShrinkingSeals Seal Body Lengths and Age
ShuttleDisaster Ambient Temperature and O-Ring Failures
Silversword Rate of Speciation in Silverswords
SleepAndPerformance Sleep and Learning
SockeyeFemales Body Masses of Female Sockeye Salmon
Sparrows Lifetime Reproductive Success in House Sparrows
SpiderColonies Social Spiders
SpiderSpeed Spider Running Speeds after Amputation
Stalkies1 Eye Widths in Stalk-Eyed Flies
Stalkies2 Stalk-eyed Fly Eyespan
SticklebackPlates Number of Lateral Plates in Sticklebacks
SticklebackPreference Mating Preferences in Sticklebacks
Sumo Sumo Wrestling Wins
SyrupSwimming Syrup Swimming

-- T --

TeenDeaths Causes of Teenage Deaths
Telomeres Telomere Shortening
theme.abd Lattice theme for Analysis of Biological Data
TimeOfDeath Hypoxanthine and Time Since Death
Toads Right-handed Toads
Tobacco Flower Length in Tobacco Plants
Tobacco2 Flower Length in Tobacco Plants
ToothAge Radioactive Teeth
TreeSeedlings Tree Seedlings and Sunflecks
Trematodes Frequencies of Fish Eaten by Trematode Infection Level
Trillium Trillium Recruitment near Clearcuts
Truffles Truffle Distribution
TsetseLearning Dietary Learning in Tsetse Flies
TwoKids Number of Boys in Two-Child Families

-- V --

VampireBites Vampire Bat Bites
VasopressinVoles Vasopressin Manipulation in the Meadow Vole
Vines Climbing Vines
VoleDispersal Home Range Size in Field Voles

-- W --

WalkingStickFemurs Walking Stick Femur Length
WalkingStickHeads Walking Stick Head Width
WeddellSeals Energetic Cost of Diving
WillsDebates Presidential "Wills"
WillsPresidents Presidential "Wills"
WolfTeeth Wolf Tooth Measurements
Wolves Inbreeding in Wolves
WorldCup World Cup Goals
WrasseSexes Distribution of Wrasses

-- Y --

YeastGenes Yeast Regulatory Genes

-- Z --

ZebraFinchBeaks Mate Preference in Zebra Finches
ZebraFinches Zebra Finch Carotenoids
ZooMortality Home Range Size and Mortality
Zooplankton Zooplankton Depredation