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Documentation for package ‘butcher’ version 0.1.5

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-- A --

assess_object Console Messages
axe-C5.0 Axing a C5.0.
axe-classbagg Axing a classbagg object.
axe-earth Axing an earth object.
axe-elnet Axing an elnet.
axe-flexsurvreg Axing an flexsurvreg.
axe-formula Axing formulas.
axe-function Axing functions.
axe-gausspr Axing a gausspr.
axe-glmnet Axing a glmnet.
axe-kknn Axing an kknn.
axe-ksvm Axing a ksvm object.
axe-lm Axing an lm.
axe-mda Axing a mda.
axe-model_fit Axing an model_fit.
axe-multnet Axing an multnet.
axe-nnet Axing a nnet.
axe-randomForest Axing an randomForest.
axe-ranger Axing an ranger.
axe-recipe Axing a recipe object.
axe-rpart Axing a rpart.
axe-sclass Axing a sclass object.
axe-spark Axing a spark object.
axe-survreg Axing an survreg.
axe-survreg.penal Axing an survreg.penal
axe-terms Axing for terms inputs.
axe-train Axing a train object.
axe-train.recipe Axing a train.recipe object.
axe-xgb.Booster Axing a xgb.Booster.
axe_call Axe a call.
axe_call.C5.0 Axing a C5.0.
axe_call.classbagg Axing a classbagg object. Axing an earth object.
axe_call.elnet Axing an elnet.
axe_call.flexsurvreg Axing an flexsurvreg.
axe_call.gausspr Axing a gausspr.
axe_call.glmnet Axing a glmnet.
axe_call.kknn Axing an kknn.
axe_call.ksvm Axing a ksvm object.
axe_call.lm Axing an lm.
axe_call.mda Axing a mda.
axe_call.ml_model Axing a spark object.
axe_call.model_fit Axing an model_fit.
axe_call.multnet Axing an multnet.
axe_call.nnet Axing a nnet.
axe_call.randomForest Axing an randomForest.
axe_call.ranger Axing an ranger.
axe_call.rpart Axing a rpart.
axe_call.sclass Axing a sclass object.
axe_call.survreg Axing an survreg.
axe_call.survreg.penal Axing an survreg.penal
axe_call.train Axing a train object.
axe_call.train.recipe Axing a train.recipe object.
axe_call.xgb.Booster Axing a xgb.Booster.
axe_ctrl Axe controls.
axe_ctrl.C5.0 Axing a C5.0.
axe_ctrl.ml_model Axing a spark object.
axe_ctrl.model_fit Axing an model_fit.
axe_ctrl.randomForest Axing an randomForest.
axe_ctrl.rpart Axing a rpart.
axe_ctrl.train Axing a train object.
axe_ctrl.train.recipe Axing a train.recipe object.
axe_ctrl.xgb.Booster Axing a xgb.Booster.
axe_data Axe data.
axe_data.classbagg Axing a classbagg object. Axing an earth object.
axe_data.gausspr Axing a gausspr.
axe_data.ksvm Axing a ksvm object.
axe_data.ml_model Axing a spark object.
axe_data.model_fit Axing an model_fit.
axe_data.rpart Axing a rpart.
axe_data.survreg Axing an survreg.
axe_data.survreg.penal Axing an survreg.penal
axe_data.train Axing a train object.
axe_data.train.recipe Axing a train.recipe object.
axe_env Axe an environment.
axe_env.classbagg Axing a classbagg object.
axe_env.flexsurvreg Axing an flexsurvreg.
axe_env.formula Axing formulas.
axe_env.function Axing functions.
axe_env.gausspr Axing a gausspr.
axe_env.kknn Axing an kknn.
axe_env.lm Axing an lm.
axe_env.mda Axing a mda.
axe_env.model_fit Axing an model_fit.
axe_env.nnet Axing a nnet.
axe_env.quosure Axing a recipe object.
axe_env.randomForest Axing an randomForest.
axe_env.recipe Axing a recipe object.
axe_env.rpart Axing a rpart.
axe_env.sclass Axing a sclass object.
axe_env.step Axing a recipe object.
axe_env.step_arrange Axing a recipe object.
axe_env.step_bagimpute Axing a recipe object.
axe_env.step_filter Axing a recipe object.
axe_env.step_geodist Axing a recipe object.
axe_env.step_impute_bag Axing a recipe object.
axe_env.step_impute_knn Axing a recipe object.
axe_env.step_interact Axing a recipe object.
axe_env.step_knnimpute Axing a recipe object.
axe_env.step_mutate Axing a recipe object.
axe_env.step_ratio Axing a recipe object.
axe_env.step_slice Axing a recipe object.
axe_env.survreg Axing an survreg.
axe_env.survreg.penal Axing an survreg.penal
axe_env.terms Axing for terms inputs.
axe_env.train Axing a train object.
axe_env.train.recipe Axing a train.recipe object.
axe_env.xgb.Booster Axing a xgb.Booster.
axe_fitted Axe fitted values.
axe_fitted.C5.0 Axing a C5.0. Axing an earth object.
axe_fitted.gausspr Axing a gausspr.
axe_fitted.kknn Axing an kknn.
axe_fitted.ksvm Axing a ksvm object.
axe_fitted.lm Axing an lm.
axe_fitted.mda Axing a mda.
axe_fitted.ml_model Axing a spark object.
axe_fitted.model_fit Axing an model_fit.
axe_fitted.nnet Axing a nnet.
axe_fitted.ranger Axing an ranger.
axe_fitted.train Axing a train object.
axe_fitted.train.recipe Axing a train.recipe object.
axe_fitted.xgb.Booster Axing a xgb.Booster.

-- B --

butcher Butcher an object.
butcher_example Get path to model object example.

-- L --

locate Locate part of an object.

-- M --

memory_released Console Messages

-- N --

new_model_butcher New axe functions for a modeling object.

-- U --

ui Console Messages

-- W --

weigh Weigh the object.