Censored Spatial Models

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Documentation for package ‘CensSpatial’ version 3.6

Help Pages

algnaive12 Naive 1 and Naive 2 method for spatial prediction.
depth Depths of a geological horizon.
derivcormatrix First and second derivates of some correlation matrix
derivQfun Maximum Likelihood Expectation (logQ function and its derivates)
distmatrix Distance matrix
localinfmeas Local influence measures.
Missouri TCDD concentrations in Missouri (1971).
predgraphics Prediction graphics for SAEM Algortihm for censored spatial data.
predSCL Prediction for the SAEM algorithm for censored spatial data.
rspacens Censored Spatial data simulation
SAEMSCL SAEM Algorithm estimation for censored spatial data.
Seminaive Seminaive algorithm for spatial censored prediction.
summary.naive Summary of a naive object
summary.SAEMSpatialCens Summary of a SAEMSpatialCens object.
summary.seminaive Summary of a seminaive object