Shiny Apps to Support Capacity Building on Harvest Control Rules

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Documentation for package ‘AMPLE’ version 1.0.2

Help Pages

assessment assessment
comparing_performance 'Comparing HCR Performance' app launcher
constant Evaluates a constant harvest control rule
estimation_error estimation_error
get_hcr_ip Get the input to the HCR
get_hcr_op Evaluates the harvest control rule.
get_stock_params stockParamsSetterUI
intro_hcr Introduction to HCRs app launcher
measuring_performance Measuring performance app launcher
MP modules mpParamsSetterUI
mpParamsSetterServer mpParamsSetterUI
mpParamsSetterUI mpParamsSetterUI
mp_params_switcheroo mpParamsSetterUI
set_stoch_params stochParamsSetterUI
Stochasticity module stochParamsSetterUI
stochParamsSetterServer stochParamsSetterUI
stochParamsSetterUI stochParamsSetterUI
Stock R6 Class representing a stock
Stock module stockParamsSetterUI
stockParamsSetterServer stockParamsSetterUI
stockParamsSetterUI stockParamsSetterUI
threshold Evaluates a threshold harvest control rule