Optimal Transport Weights for Causal Inference

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Documentation for package ‘causalOT’ version 0.1.2

Help Pages

calc_weight Estimate causal weights
causalEffect-class causalEffect class
causalOT An R package to perform causal inference using optimal transport distances.
causalWeights-class causalWeights class
confint.causalEffect Confidence Intervals for Causal Effects
cost_fun Calculate cost matrix for a given estimand
DataSim R6 Data Generating Parent Class
dist.metrics Supported distance metrics
ESS Effective Sample Size
ESS-method Effective Sample Size
estimate_effect Estimate treatment effects
Hainmueller Hainmueller data example
LaLonde LaLonde data example
mean_bal Standardized absolute mean difference calculations
ot.methods Supported optimal transport methods
pph An external control trial of treatments for post-partum hemorrhage
PSIS Pareto-Smoothed Importance Sampling
PSIS-method Pareto-Smoothed Importance Sampling
PSIS_diag Pareto-Smoothed Importance Sampling
PSIS_diag-method Pareto-Smoothed Importance Sampling
sampleWeights-class sampleWeights class
sinkhorn Sinkhorn Loss
supported.methods Supported weighting methods
supported.solvers Supported solvers