Clustering of Variables

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Documentation for package ‘ClustOfVar’ version 1.1

Help Pages

bootvar Bootstrap of individuals on a numeric matrix and on a categorical matrix
clusterscore Calculates de synthetic variable of a cluster
clust_diss Calculates the aggregation criterion for two clusters of variables
cutreevar Cut a tree into groups of variables
decathlon Performance in decathlon (data)
dogs Breeds of Dogs data
flower Flower Characteristics
getnnsvar Nearest neighbor of variables
gironde gironde
hclustvar Hierarchical clustering of variables
kmeansvar k-means clustering of variables
mixedVarSim Similarity between two variables
plot.clustab Plot of an index of stability of partitions of variables
plot.clustvar Plot loadings in each cluster.
plot.hclustvar Dendrogram of the hierarchy of variables
predict.clustvar Scores of new objects on the synthetic variables of a given partition
protein Protein data
rand Rand index between two partitions
stability Stability of partitions from a hierarchy of variables
summary.clustab Summary of a 'clustab' object
summary.clustvar Summary of a 'hclustvar' object
vnf User satisfaction survey with 1232 individuals and 14 questions
wine Wine