Improving MrP with Ensemble Learning

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Documentation for package ‘autoMrP’ version 1.0.6

Help Pages

absentee_census Quasi census data.
absentee_voting A sample of the absentee voting item from the CCES 2008
auto_MrP Improve MrP through ensemble learning.
best_subset_classifier Best subset classifier
binary_cross_entropy Estimates the inverse binary cross-entropy, i.e. 0 is the best score and 1 the worst.
boot_auto_mrp Bootstrappinng wrapper for auto_mrp
census Quasi census data.
cv_folding Generates folds for cross-validation
deep_mrp_classifier Deep MrP classifier
ebma Bayesian Ensemble Model Averaging EBMA
ebma_folding Generates data fold to be used for EBMA tuning
ebma_mc_draws EBMA multicore tuning - parallelises over draws.
ebma_mc_tol EBMA multicore tuning - parallelises over tolerance values.
error_checks Catches user input errors
f1_score Estimates the inverse f1 score, i.e. 0 is the best score and 1 the worst.
gb_classifier GB classifier
gb_classifier_update GB classifier update
lasso_classifier Lasso classifier
log_spaced Sequence that is equally spaced on the log scale
loss_function Estimates loss value.
loss_score_ranking Ranks tuning parameters according to loss functions
mean_absolute_error Estimates the mean absolute prediction error.
mean_squared_error Estimates the mean squared prediction error.
mean_squared_false_error Estimates the mean squared false error.
model_list A list of models for the best subset selection.
model_list_pca A list of models for the best subset selection with PCA.
multicore Register cores for multicore computing
output_table A table for the summary function
plot.autoMrP A plot method for autoMrP objects. Plots unit-level preference estiamtes.
post_stratification Apply post-stratification to classifiers.
predict_glmmLasso Predicts on newdata from glmmLasso objects
quiet Suppress cat in external package
run_best_subset Apply best subset classifier to MrP.
run_best_subset_mc Best subset multicore tuning.
run_classifiers Optimal individual classifiers
run_gb Apply gradient boosting classifier to MrP.
run_gb_mc GB multicore tuning.
run_lasso Apply lasso classifier to MrP.
run_lasso_mc_lambda Lasso multicore tuning.
run_pca Apply PCA classifier to MrP.
run_svm Apply support vector machine classifier to MrP.
run_svm_mc SVM multicore tuning.
summary.autoMrP A summary method for autoMrP objects.
survey_item A sample of a survey item from the CCES 2008
svm_classifier SVM classifier
taxes_census Quasi census data.
taxes_survey Sample on raising taxes from the 2008 National Annenberg Election Studies.