An Implementation of the Critical Path Method

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Documentation for package ‘criticalpath’ version 0.2.1

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criticalpath criticalpath: Critical Path Method R Implementation
Schedule R6 Class Representing a Schedule
schedule R6 Class Representing a Schedule
sch_activities Activities
sch_add_activities Add Activities
sch_add_activities_tibble Add Activities Tibble
sch_add_activity Add Activity
sch_add_relation Add Relation
sch_add_relations Add Relations
sch_add_relations_tibble Add Relations Tibble
sch_all_predecessors All Predecessors
sch_all_successors All Successors
sch_change_activities_duration Change Activities Duration
sch_critical_activities Critical Activities
sch_critical_relations Critical Relations
sch_duration Duration
sch_evaluate_redundancy Evaluate Redundancy
sch_gantt_matrix Gantt Matrix
sch_get_activity Get Activity
sch_has_any_activity Has Any Activity
sch_has_any_relation Has Any Relation
sch_is_redundant Is Redundant
sch_new New Schedule
sch_non_critical_activities Non Critical Activities
sch_non_critical_relations Non Critical Relations
sch_nr_activities Nr. of Activities
sch_nr_relations Nr. of Relations
sch_plan Plan Schedule
sch_predecessors Predecessors
sch_reference Reference
sch_relations Relations
sch_successors Successors
sch_title Title
sch_topoi_ad AD Activity Distribution Topological Indicator
sch_topoi_la LA Length of Arcs Topological Indicator
sch_topoi_sp SP Serial or Parallel Topological Indicator
sch_topoi_tf TF Topological Float Indicator
sch_validate Validate Schedule
sch_xy_gantt_matrix XY Gantt Matrix