Bounded Density Estimation

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-- B --

bde Generic bounded density constructor
beta_0.75_0.65 Synthetic dataset from a beta distribution
beta_1_10 Synthetic dataset from a beta distribution
beta_5_10 Synthetic dataset from a beta distribution
BoundedDensity Class '"BoundedDensity"'
boundedDensity 'BoundedDensity' generator method
BoundedDensity-class Class '"BoundedDensity"'
boundedDensity-generator 'BoundedDensity' generator method
BrVitale Class '"BrVitale"'
brVitale 'BrVitale' generator method
BrVitale-class Class '"BrVitale"'
brVitale-generator 'BrVitale' generator method

-- C --

Chen99Kernel Class '"Chen99Kernel"'
chen99Kernel 'chen99Kernel' generator method
Chen99Kernel-class Class '"Chen99Kernel"'
chen99Kernel-generator 'chen99Kernel' generator method

-- D --

density Probability Density Function (pdf)
density-method Probability Density Function (pdf)
distribution Cumulative Density Function (cdf)
distribution-method Cumulative Density Function (cdf)
distribution-methods Cumulative Density Function (cdf)

-- E --

eruption Eruption lengths of Old Faithful geyser

-- G --

getb Accesor method for 'b' slot
getb-method Accesor method for 'b' slot
getb-methods Accesor method for 'b' slot
getc Accesor method for 'c' slot
getc-method Accesor method for 'c' slot
getc-methods Accesor method for 'c' slot
getdataPoints Accesor method for 'dataPoints' slot
getdataPoints-method Accesor method for 'dataPoints' slot
getdataPoints-methods Accesor method for 'dataPoints' slot
getdataPointsCache Accesor method for 'DataPointsCache' slot
getdataPointsCache-method Accesor method for 'DataPointsCache' slot
getdataPointsCache-methods Accesor method for 'DataPointsCache' slot
getdensityCache Accesor method for 'densityCache' slot
getdensityCache-method Accesor method for 'densityCache' slot
getdensityCache-methods Accesor method for 'densityCache' slot
getdensityEstimator Accesor method for 'gamma' slot
getdensityEstimator-method Accesor method for 'gamma' slot
getdensityEstimator-methods Accesor method for 'gamma' slot
getdistributionCache Accesor method for 'distributionCache' slot
getdistributionCache-method Accesor method for 'distributionCache' slot
getdistributionCache-methods Accesor method for 'distributionCache' slot
getgamma Accesor method for 'gamma' slot
getgamma-method Accesor method for 'gamma' slot
getgamma-methods Accesor method for 'gamma' slot
getM Accesor method for 'M' slot
getm Accesor method for 'm' slot
getM-method Accesor method for 'M' slot
getm-method Accesor method for 'm' slot
getM-methods Accesor method for 'M' slot
getm-methods Accesor method for 'm' slot
getmodified Accesor method for 'modified' slot
getmodified-method Accesor method for 'modified' slot
getmodified-methods Accesor method for 'modified' slot
getmu Accesor method for 'Mu' slot
getmu-method Accesor method for 'Mu' slot
getmu-methods Accesor method for 'Mu' slot
getSubclasses List of subclasses
gplot Bounded Density Plotting based on ggplot2
gplot-method Bounded Density Plotting based on ggplot2
gplot-methods Bounded Density Plotting based on ggplot2

-- H --

HirukawaJLNKernel Class '"HirukawaJLNKernel"'
hirukawaJLNKernel 'HirukawaJLNKernel' generator method
HirukawaJLNKernel-class Class '"HirukawaJLNKernel"'
hirukawaJLNKernel-generator 'HirukawaJLNKernel' generator method
HirukawaTSKernel Class '"HirukawaTSKernel"'
hirukawaTSKernel 'HirukawaTSKernel' generator method
HirukawaTSKernel-class Class '"HirukawaTSKernel"'
hirukawaTSKernel-generator 'HirukawaTSKernel' generator method

-- J --

JonesCorrectionMuller91BoundaryKernel Class '"JonesCorrectionMuller91BoundaryKernel"'
jonesCorrectionMuller91BoundaryKernel 'JonesCorrectionMuller91BoundaryKernel' generator method
JonesCorrectionMuller91BoundaryKernel-class Class '"JonesCorrectionMuller91BoundaryKernel"'
jonesCorrectionMuller91BoundaryKernel-generator 'JonesCorrectionMuller91BoundaryKernel' generator method
JonesCorrectionMuller94BoundaryKernel Class '"JonesCorrectionMuller94BoundaryKernel"'
jonesCorrectionMuller94BoundaryKernel 'JonesCorrectionMuller94BoundaryKernel' generator method
JonesCorrectionMuller94BoundaryKernel-class Class '"JonesCorrectionMuller94BoundaryKernel"'
jonesCorrectionMuller94BoundaryKernel-generator 'JonesCorrectionMuller94BoundaryKernel' generator method

-- K --

KakizawaB1 Class '"KakizawaB1"'
kakizawaB1 'KakizawaB1' generator method
KakizawaB1-class Class '"KakizawaB1"'
kakizawaB1-method 'KakizawaB1' generator method
kakizawaB1-methods 'KakizawaB1' generator method
KakizawaB2 Class '"KakizawaB2"'
kakizawaB2 'KakizawaB2' generator method
KakizawaB2-class Class '"KakizawaB2"'
kakizawaB2-method 'KakizawaB2' generator method
kakizawaB2-methods 'KakizawaB2' generator method
KakizawaB3 Class '"KakizawaB3"'
kakizawaB3 'KakizawaB3' generator method
KakizawaB3-class Class '"KakizawaB3"'
kakizawaB3-method 'KakizawaB3' generator method
kakizawaB3-methods 'KakizawaB3' generator method

-- L --

launchApp Shiny launch application
lines Add a Bounded Density pdf to a Plot
lines-method Add a Bounded Density pdf to a Plot
lines-methods Add a Bounded Density pdf to a Plot

-- M --

MacroBetaChen99Kernel Class '"MacroBetaChen99Kernel"'
macroBetaChen99Kernel 'MacroBetaChen99Kernel' generator method
MacroBetaChen99Kernel-class Class '"MacroBetaChen99Kernel"'
macroBetaChen99Kernel-generator 'MacroBetaChen99Kernel' generator method
MacroBetaHirukawaJLNKernel Class '"MacroBetaHirukawaJLNKernel"'
macroBetaHirukawaJLNKernel 'MacroBetaHirukawaJLNKernel' generator method
MacroBetaHirukawaJLNKernel-class Class '"MacroBetaHirukawaJLNKernel"'
macroBetaHirukawaJLNKernel-generator 'MacroBetaHirukawaJLNKernel' generator method
MacroBetaHirukawaTSKernel Class '"MacroBetaHirukawaTSKernel"'
macroBetaHirukawaTSKernel 'MacroBetaHirukawaTSKernel' generator method
MacroBetaHirukawaTSKernel-class Class '"MacroBetaHirukawaTSKernel"'
macroBetaHirukawaTSKernel-generator 'MacroBetaHirukawaTSKernel' generator method
MicroBetaChen99Kernel Class '"MicroBetaChen99Kernel"'
microBetaChen99Kernel 'MicroBetaChen99Kernel' generator method
MicroBetaChen99Kernel-class Class '"MicroBetaChen99Kernel"'
microBetaChen99Kernel-generator 'MicroBetaChen99Kernel' generator method
mise Mean Integrated Squared Error
Muller91BoundaryKernel Class '"Muller91BoundaryKernel"'
muller91BoundaryKernel 'Muller91BoundaryKernel' generator method
Muller91BoundaryKernel-class Class '"Muller91BoundaryKernel"'
muller91BoundaryKernel-generator 'Muller91BoundaryKernel' generator method
Muller94BoundaryKernel Class '"Muller94BoundaryKernel"'
muller94BoundaryKernel 'Muller94BoundaryKernel' generator method
Muller94BoundaryKernel-class Class '"Muller94BoundaryKernel"'
muller94BoundaryKernel-generator 'Muller94BoundaryKernel' generator method

-- N --

NoBoundaryKernel Class '"NoBoundaryKernel"'
noBoundaryKernel 'NoBoundaryKernel' generator method
NoBoundaryKernel-class Class '"NoBoundaryKernel"'
noBoundaryKernel-generator 'NoBoundaryKernel' generator method
NormalizedBoundaryKernel Class '"NormalizedBoundaryKernel"'
normalizedBoundaryKernel 'NormalizedBoundaryKernel' generator method
NormalizedBoundaryKernel-class Class '"NormalizedBoundaryKernel"'
normalizedBoundaryKernel-generator 'NormalizedBoundaryKernel' generator method

-- P --

plot Bounded Density Plotting
plot-method Bounded Density Plotting
plot-methods Bounded Density Plotting

-- Q --

quantile Quantile
quantile-method Quantile
quantile-methods Quantile

-- R --

rsample Random sample
rsample-method Random sample
rsample-methods Random sample

-- S --

suicide.r Scaled data from suicide risk data

-- T --

tgaussian Synthetic dataset from a truncated Gaussian distribution
tuna.r Scaled 'tuna' data

-- V --

Vitale Class '"Vitale"'
vitale 'Vitale' generator method
Vitale-class Class '"Vitale"'
vitale-generator 'Vitale' generator method