Coarsened Exact Matching

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Documentation for package ‘cem’ version 1.1.29

Help Pages

att Example of ATT estimation from CEM output
cem Coarsened Exact Matching
cemspace Exploration tool for CEM
combine.spacegraphs Combine two spacegraph objects.
DW Dehejia-Wahba dataset
imbalance Calculates several imbalance measures
imbspace Diagnostic tool for CEM
imbspace.plot Plot of imbalance space diagnostic tool for CEM
k2k Reduction to k2k Matching
L1.meas Evaluates L1 distance between multidimensional histograms
L1.profile Calculates L1 distance for different coarsenings
LeLonde Modified Lalonde dataset
LL Lalonde dataset
LLvsPSID Lalonde treated units versus PSID control individuals
pair Produces a paired sample out of a CEM match solution
plot.cem.att Example of ATT estimation from CEM output
pscoreSelect Heuristic search of the best propensity score model specification
relax.cem Diagnostic tool for CEM
relax.plot Diagnostic tool for CEM
search.match Heuristic search of match solutions
shift.cem Diagnostic tool for CEM
spacegraph Randomly compute many different matching solutions
summary.cem.att Example of ATT estimation from CEM output