Forest Fire History Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘burnr’ version 0.6.0

Help Pages

+.fhx Concatenate or combine two fhx objects
as.fhx Alias to 'as_fhx()'
as_fhx Cast data frame or list-like to 'fhx' object
composite Composite fire events in fhx object
count_event_position Count different events in an 'fhx' object
count_injury Number of injury events in an 'fhx' object
count_recording Number of recording years in an 'fhx' object
count_scar Number of scar events in an 'fhx' object
count_year_span Number of years of an 'fhx' object
delete Remove series or years from an 'fhx' object
fhx Constructor for 'fhx' objects
first_year First (earliest) year of an 'fhx' object
get_event_years Get years with events for an 'fhx' object
get_series Extract 'fhx' observations for given series
get_year Extract 'fhx' observations for given years
inner_type Type of observation in the first (earliest) year of an 'fhx' object
intervals Calculate fire intervals from a 'composite'
is.fhx Alias to 'is_fhx()'
is.intervals Alias to 'is_intervals()'
is.sea Alias to 'is_sea()'
is_fhx Check if object is 'fhx'.
is_intervals Check if object is fire 'intervals'
is_sea Check if object is 'sea'
last_year Last (most recent) year of an 'fhx' object
lgr2 Los Griegos Peak plot2 fire-history data
lgr2_meta Metadata for the Los Griegos Peak fire-history dataset
make_rec_type Turn character vector into factor with proper 'fhx' levels
max.intervals Maximum interval in fire 'intervals'
mean.intervals Fire 'intervals' arithmetic mean
median.intervals Fire 'intervals' median
min.intervals Minimum interval in fire 'intervals'
outer_type Type of observation in the last (most recent) year of an 'fhx' object
percent_scarred Percent scarred time series for 'fhx' object
pgm Peggy Mesa fire-history data
pgm_meta Metadata for the Peggy Mesa fire-history dataset
pgm_pdsi Reconstructed PDSI time series for the Peggy Mesa fire-history dataset
plot.fhx Plot an 'fhx' object
plot.intervals Plot a fire 'intervals' object
plot.sea Plot a 'sea' object
plot_demograph Create an ggplot2 object for plotting fhx demographics
plot_intervals_dist Basic fire 'intervals' distribution plot
plot_sealags Basic SEA lag plot of 'sea' object
pme Pajarito Mountain East fire-history data
pmr Pajarito Mountain Ridge fire-history data
pmw Pajarito Mountain West fire-history data
print.intervals Print a fire 'intervals' object
print.sea Print a 'sea' object.
quantile.intervals Fit distribution quantiles to fire 'intervals'
read_fhx Read FHX2 file and return an 'fhx" object
sample_depth Calculate the sample depth of an 'fhx' object
sea Perform superposed epoch analysis
series_mean_interval Calculate quick mean fire interval of an 'fhx' object with single series
series_names Get 'fhx' series names
series_stats Generate series-level descriptive statistics for 'fhx' object
sort.fhx Sort the series names of 'fhx' object by the earliest or latest year
summary.fhx Summary of 'fhx' object
write_fhx Write an 'fhx' object to a new FHX2 file
yearly_recording Count the number of recording series for each year in an 'fhx' object
year_range Range of years in an 'fhx' object