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Documentation for package ‘cli’ version 3.6.2

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-- A --

ansi-styles ANSI colored text
ansi_align Align an ANSI colored string
ansi_chartr ANSI character translation and case folding
ansi_collapse Collapse a vector into a string scalar
ansi_columns Format a character vector in multiple columns
ansi_grep Like 'base::grep()' and 'base::grepl()', but for ANSI strings
ansi_grepl Like 'base::grep()' and 'base::grepl()', but for ANSI strings
ansi_has_any Check if a string has some ANSI styling
ansi_has_hyperlink_support Terminal Hyperlinks
ansi_hide_cursor Hide/show cursor in a terminal
ansi_html Convert ANSI styled text to HTML
ansi_html_style CSS styles for the output of 'ansi_html()'
ansi_hyperlink_types Terminal Hyperlinks
ansi_nchar Count number of characters in an ANSI colored string
ansi_nzchar Like 'base::nzchar()', but for ANSI strings
ansi_palettes ANSI colors palettes
ansi_palette_show ANSI colors palettes
ansi_regex Perl compatible regular expression that matches ANSI escape sequences
ansi_show_cursor Hide/show cursor in a terminal
ansi_simplify Simplify ANSI styling tags
ansi_string Labels a character vector as containing ANSI control codes.
ansi_strip Remove ANSI escape sequences from a string
ansi_strsplit Split an ANSI colored string
ansi_strtrim Truncate an ANSI string
ansi_strwrap Wrap an ANSI styled string to a certain width
ansi_substr Substring(s) of an ANSI colored string
ansi_substring Substring(s) of an ANSI colored string
ansi_tolower ANSI character translation and case folding
ansi_toupper ANSI character translation and case folding
ansi_trimws Remove leading and/or trailing whitespace from an ANSI string
ansi_with_hidden_cursor Hide/show cursor in a terminal

-- B --

bg_black ANSI colored text
bg_blue ANSI colored text
bg_br_black ANSI colored text
bg_br_blue ANSI colored text
bg_br_cyan ANSI colored text
bg_br_green ANSI colored text
bg_br_magenta ANSI colored text
bg_br_red ANSI colored text
bg_br_white ANSI colored text
bg_br_yellow ANSI colored text
bg_cyan ANSI colored text
bg_green ANSI colored text
bg_magenta ANSI colored text
bg_none ANSI colored text
bg_red ANSI colored text
bg_white ANSI colored text
bg_yellow ANSI colored text
boxx Draw a banner-like box in the console
builtin_theme The built-in CLI theme

-- C --

cat_boxx 'cat()' helpers
cat_bullet 'cat()' helpers
cat_line 'cat()' helpers
cat_print 'cat()' helpers
cat_rule 'cat()' helpers
ccli_tick_reset cli progress bars
cli Compose multiple cli functions
cli-config cli environment variables and options
cli_abort Signal an error, warning or message with a cli formatted message
cli_alert CLI alerts
cli_alert_danger CLI alerts
cli_alert_info CLI alerts
cli_alert_success CLI alerts
cli_alert_warning CLI alerts
cli_blockquote CLI block quote
cli_bullets List of items
cli_bullets_raw List of verbatim items
cli_code A block of code
cli_debug_doc Debug cli internals
cli_div Generic CLI container
cli_dl Definition list
cli_end Close a CLI container
cli_fmt Capture the output of cli functions instead of printing it
cli_format Format a value for printing
cli_format.character Format a value for printing
cli_format.default Format a value for printing
cli_format.numeric Format a value for printing
cli_format_method Create a format method for an object using cli tools
cli_h1 CLI headings
cli_h2 CLI headings
cli_h3 CLI headings
cli_inform Signal an error, warning or message with a cli formatted message
cli_li CLI list item(s)
cli_list_themes List the currently active themes
cli_ol Ordered CLI list
cli_output_connection The connection option that cli would use
cli_par CLI paragraph
cli_process_done Indicate the start and termination of some computation in the status bar (superseded)
cli_process_failed Indicate the start and termination of some computation in the status bar (superseded)
cli_process_start Indicate the start and termination of some computation in the status bar (superseded)
cli_progress_along Add a progress bar to a mapping function or for loop
cli_progress_bar cli progress bars
cli_progress_builtin_handlers cli progress handlers
cli_progress_cleanup Progress bar utility functions.
cli_progress_demo cli progress bar demo
cli_progress_done cli progress bars
cli_progress_message Simplified cli progress messages
cli_progress_num Progress bar utility functions.
cli_progress_output Add text output to a progress bar
cli_progress_step Simplified cli progress messages, with styling
cli_progress_styles List of built-in cli progress styles
cli_progress_update cli progress bars
cli_rule CLI horizontal rule
cli_sitrep cli situation report
cli_status Update the status bar (superseded)
cli_status_clear Clear the status bar (superseded)
cli_status_update Update the status bar (superseded)
cli_text CLI text
cli_tick_reset cli progress bars
cli_ul Unordered CLI list
cli_vec Add custom cli style to a vector
cli_verbatim CLI verbatim text
cli_warn Signal an error, warning or message with a cli formatted message
cli__pb_bar Progress bar variables
cli__pb_current Progress bar variables
cli__pb_current_bytes Progress bar variables
cli__pb_elapsed Progress bar variables
cli__pb_elapsed_clock Progress bar variables
cli__pb_elapsed_raw Progress bar variables
cli__pb_eta Progress bar variables
cli__pb_eta_raw Progress bar variables
cli__pb_eta_str Progress bar variables
cli__pb_extra Progress bar variables
cli__pb_id Progress bar variables
cli__pb_name Progress bar variables
cli__pb_percent Progress bar variables
cli__pb_pid Progress bar variables
cli__pb_rate Progress bar variables
cli__pb_rate_bytes Progress bar variables
cli__pb_rate_raw Progress bar variables
cli__pb_spin Progress bar variables
cli__pb_status Progress bar variables
cli__pb_timestamp Progress bar variables
cli__pb_total Progress bar variables
cli__pb_total_bytes Progress bar variables
code_highlight Syntax highlight R code
code_theme_list Syntax highlighting themes
col_black ANSI colored text
col_blue ANSI colored text
col_br_black ANSI colored text
col_br_blue ANSI colored text
col_br_cyan ANSI colored text
col_br_green ANSI colored text
col_br_magenta ANSI colored text
col_br_red ANSI colored text
col_br_white ANSI colored text
col_br_yellow ANSI colored text
col_cyan ANSI colored text
col_green ANSI colored text
col_grey ANSI colored text
col_magenta ANSI colored text
col_none ANSI colored text
col_red ANSI colored text
col_silver ANSI colored text
col_white ANSI colored text
col_yellow ANSI colored text
combine_ansi_styles Combine two or more ANSI styles
console_width Determine the width of the console
containers About cli containers

-- D --

default_app Start, stop, query the default cli application
demo_spinners Show a demo of some (by default all) spinners
detect_tty_colors Detect the number of ANSI colors to use
diff_chr Compare two character vectors elementwise
diff_str Compare two character strings, character by character

-- F --

faq Frequently Asked Questions
format_bullets_raw List of verbatim items
format_error Format an error, warning or diagnostic message
format_inline Format and returns a line of text
format_message Format an error, warning or diagnostic message
format_warning Format an error, warning or diagnostic message

-- G --

get_spinner Character vector to put a spinner on the screen

-- H --

hash_animal Adjective-animal hash
hash_emoji Emoji hash
hash_file_md5 MD5 hash
hash_file_sha1 SHA-1 hash
hash_file_sha256 SHA-256 hash
hash_md5 MD5 hash
hash_obj_animal Adjective-animal hash
hash_obj_emoji Emoji hash
hash_obj_md5 MD5 hash
hash_obj_sha1 SHA-1 hash
hash_obj_sha256 SHA-256 hash
hash_raw_animal Adjective-animal hash
hash_raw_emoji Emoji hash
hash_raw_md5 MD5 hash
hash_raw_sha1 SHA-1 hash
hash_raw_sha256 SHA-256 hash
hash_sha1 SHA-1 hash
hash_sha256 SHA-256 hash
has_keypress_support Check if the current platform/terminal supports reading single keys.

-- I --

inline-markup About inline markup in the semantic cli
is_ansi_tty Detect if a stream support ANSI escape characters
is_dynamic_tty Detect whether a stream supports \\r (Carriage return)
is_utf8_output Whether cli is emitting UTF-8 characters

-- K --

keypress Read a single keypress at the terminal

-- L --

links cli hyperlinks
list_border_styles Draw a banner-like box in the console
list_spinners List all available spinners
list_symbols Various handy symbols to use in a command line UI

-- M --

make_ansi_style Create a new ANSI style
make_spinner Create a spinner

-- N --

no Pluralization helper functions
num_ansi_colors Detect the number of ANSI colors to use

-- P --

pb_bar Progress bar variables
pb_current Progress bar variables
pb_current_bytes Progress bar variables
pb_elapsed Progress bar variables
pb_elapsed_clock Progress bar variables
pb_elapsed_raw Progress bar variables
pb_eta Progress bar variables
pb_eta_raw Progress bar variables
pb_eta_str Progress bar variables
pb_extra Progress bar variables
pb_id Progress bar variables
pb_name Progress bar variables
pb_percent Progress bar variables
pb_pid Progress bar variables
pb_rate Progress bar variables
pb_rate_bytes Progress bar variables
pb_rate_raw Progress bar variables
pb_spin Progress bar variables
pb_status Progress bar variables
pb_timestamp Progress bar variables
pb_total Progress bar variables
pb_total_bytes Progress bar variables
pluralization About cli pluralization
pluralize String templating with pluralization
pretty_print_code Turn on pretty-printing functions at the R console
progress-c The cli progress C API
progress-variables Progress bar variables

-- Q --

qty Pluralization helper functions

-- R --

rule Make a rule with one or two text labels
ruler Print the helpful ruler to the screen

-- S --

simple_theme A simple CLI theme
spark_bar Draw a sparkline bar graph with unicode block characters
spark_line Draw a sparkline line graph with Braille characters.
start_app Start, stop, query the default cli application
stop_app Start, stop, query the default cli application
style_blurred ANSI colored text
style_bold ANSI colored text
style_dim ANSI colored text
style_hidden ANSI colored text
style_hyperlink Terminal Hyperlinks
style_inverse ANSI colored text
style_italic ANSI colored text
style_no_bg_color ANSI colored text
style_no_blurred ANSI colored text
style_no_bold ANSI colored text
style_no_color ANSI colored text
style_no_dim ANSI colored text
style_no_hidden ANSI colored text
style_no_inverse ANSI colored text
style_no_italic ANSI colored text
style_no_strikethrough ANSI colored text
style_no_underline ANSI colored text
style_reset ANSI colored text
style_strikethrough ANSI colored text
style_underline ANSI colored text
symbol Various handy symbols to use in a command line UI

-- T --

test_that_cli Test cli output with testthat
themes About cli themes
ticking cli progress bars
tree Draw a tree
truecolor ANSI colors palettes

-- U --

utf8_graphemes Break an UTF-8 character vector into grapheme clusters
utf8_nchar Count the number of characters in a character vector
utf8_substr Substring of an UTF-8 string

-- V --

vt_output Simulate (a subset of) a VT-5xx ANSI terminal

-- misc --

__cli_update_due cli progress bars