Read and Write CSV on the Web (CSVW) Tables and Metadata

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Documentation for package ‘csvwr’ version 0.1.7

Help Pages

base_uri Retrieve the base URI from configuration
coalesce_truth Coalesce value to truthiness
create_metadata Create tabular metadata from a list of tables
csvwr_example Get path to csvwr example
csvw_to_list Convert a csvw metadata to a list (csv2json)
datatype_to_type Map csvw datatypes to R types
default_dialect CSVW default dialect
default_schema Create a default table schema given a csv file and dialect
derive_metadata Derive csvw metadata from a csv file
derive_table_schema Derive csvw table schema from a data frame
extract_table Extract a referenced table from CSVW metadata
normalise_metadata Normalise metadata
read_csvw Read CSV on the Web
read_csvw_dataframe Read a data frame from the first table in a csvw
read_metadata Read and parse CSVW Metadata
render_uri_templates Render URI templates
transform_datetime_format Transform date/time format string from Unicode TR35 to POSIX 1003.1
type_to_datatype Map R types to csvw datatype
validate_csvw Validate CSVW specification
validate_referential_integrity Validate the referential integrity of a csvw table group