Adaptive Nature-Inspired Algorithms for Hybrid Genetic Optimization

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Documentation for package ‘adana’ version 1.1.0

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adana-package Adaptive Nature-inspired Algorithms for Hybrid Genetic Optimization

-- A --

adana Adaptive Nature-inspired Algorithms for Hybrid Genetic Optimization
adana1 Adaptive Dynamic Algorithm (Adana 1)
adana2 Adaptive Dynamic Algorithm (Adana 2)
adana3 Dynamic mutation and crossover function (Adana 3)
atc Asymmetric Two-Point Crossover (ATC)
ax Avarage Crossover

-- B --

bestsol Best solution monitoring function
bin2gray Convert from binary to gray code integer
bin2int Convert Binary Numbers to Integers
bitmut Bit Flip Mutation
blxa Blended Crossover (BLX-alpha)
blxab Blended crossover-alphabeta (BLX-alphabeta)
boundmut Boundary Mutation
bsearchmut1 Boundary Search Mutation 1
bsearchmut2 Boundary Search Mutation 2
bx Box Crossover / Flat Crossover

-- C --

calcM Calculate the number of bits in the binary representation of the integer vector
cpc Count-preserving Crossover (CPC)
cross Crossover
cx Cycle Crossover (CX)

-- D --

dc Discrete Crossover
decode Convert from binary number to real number
decode4int Convert binary vectors to integer vectors
decodepop Convert binary number matrix to real number matrix
disc Disrespectful Crossover (DISC)
dismut Displacement mutation

-- E --

ebx Extended Box Crossover
eclc Exchange/Linkage Crossover (EC,LC)
elitism Elistist Replacement (Elitism) Function
elx Extended-Line Crossover (ELX)
encode Convert from real number to binary number
encode4int Convert integer vectors to binary vectors
encodepop Binary encoding of real number matrix
erx Edge Recombination Crossover (ERX)
evaluate Calculate the fitness values of population

-- F --

findoptima Finds peaks and valleys on the curve of a function with single variable
fixpcmut Static crossover and mutation rate

-- G --

gaussmut Gauss Mutation
gaussmut2 Gauss Mutation 2
gaussmut3 Gauss Mutation 3
geomx Geometric Crossover
gray2bin Convert gray code to binary integer #1
gray2bin2 Convert gray code to binary integer #2
grdelall Delete-All Replacement
grmuplambda Mu+Lambda replacement function 1
grmuplambda2 Mu+Lambda replacement function 2 (delete the worst lambda)
grmuplambda3 Mu+Lambda replacement function 3
grmuplambda4 Mu+Lambda replacement function 4
grmuvlambda Mu & Lambda Replacement Function
grrobin Round Robin Replacement Function

-- H --

hc Heuristic Crossover
hgaoptim GA + optim hybridization function
hgaoptimx GA + optimx hybridization function
hgaroi GA + ROI hybridization function
hux Heuristic Uniform Crossover

-- I --

icx Improved Cycle Crossover (ICX)
ilmdhc ILM/DHC adaptation function
initbin Initialize the population with binary encoding
initialize Initialize function
initnorm Normal distribution based initialization
initperm Permutation coded initialization
initval Value encoded initialization
insmut Insertation Mutation
insswapmut Insertion + Inversion Mutation
int2bin Convert an integer to binary coded number
invdismut Displacement + Inversion Mutation
invmut Inversion Mutation
invswapmut Swap + Inversion Mutation

-- K --

kpx k-point Crossover

-- L --

lapx Laplace Crossover
lax Local Arithmetic Crossover
leitingzhi Lei & Tingzhi Adaptation Function

-- M --

maxone MAXONE fitness function
maxone1 MAXONE1 fitness function
maxone2 maxone2 fitness function
minone minone fitness function
monprogress Monitor Fitness Value Progress
mpmx Modified Partially Mapped Crossover
mpx Maximal Preservative Crossover (MPX)
mutate Function of Mutation Application
mx Mask crossover

-- N --

nunimut Non-uniform Mutation
nunimut2 Adaptive Non-uniform mutation

-- O --

ox Order Crossover (OX)
ox2 Order-based crossover (OX2)

-- P --

pbx Position-Based Crossover (PBX)
pbx2 Position-Based Crossover 2 (PBX2)
plotfitness Fitness statistics graph by GA generations
pmx Partially Mapped Crossover
powmut Power Mutation
powmut2 Power Mutation 2
px1 One-point Crossover

-- R --

randmut Random Resetting Mutation
randmut2 Random mutation 2
randmut3 Random mutation 3
randmut4 Random mutation 4
raoc Randomized And/Or Crossover (RAOC)
rrc Random Respectful Crossover (RRC)
rsc Reduced Surrogate Cross

-- S --

sax Single Arithmetic Crossover
sc Shuffle Crossover
selboltour Boltzmann Tournament Selection
seldet Deterministic Selection
select Select parents for the mating pool
selers Exponantial Ranking Selection
selescale Exponent Scaling
sellrs Linear Ranking Selection 1
sellrs2 Linear Ranking Selection 2
sellrs3 Linear Ranking Selection 3
sellscale Fitness Linear Scaling
selnlrs Nonlinear Ranking Selection
selpscale Power-law Scaling
selrand Random selection
selrscale Rank Scaling
selrscale2 Rank Scaling 2
selrss Remainder Stochastic Selection
selrswrp Random selection with replacement and proportion
selrws Roulette wheel selection 1
selrws2 Roulette wheel selection 2
selsscale Sigma Scaling
selsscale2 Sigma scaling 2
selsus Stochastic Universal Selection
seltour Tournament Selection
seltour2 Tournament Selection 2
seltrunc Truncation Selection
selwscale Window Scaling
show Function to visualize iteration results
shufmut Shuffle Mutation
smc Sinusoidal Motion Crossover (SMC)
spherex Sphere Crossover
ssrfamtour Replacement function via family tournament
ssrgenitor Genitor replacement function
ssrmup1 Mu+1 replacement function
ssrx Mixed replacement function
swapmut Swap Mutation

-- T --

terminate Termination Control Function

-- U --

unimut Uniform Mutation
upmx Uniform Partial Mapped Crossover
ux Uniform crossover 1
ux2 Uniform Crossover 2

-- W --

wax Whole Arithmetic Crossover