BiCluster Algorithms

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additiveVariance Coherence measures
BCBimax The Bimax Bicluster algorithm
BCBimax-class The Bimax Bicluster algorithm
BCCC The CC Bicluster algorithm
BCCC-class The CC Bicluster algorithm
BCPlaid The Plaid Model Bicluster algorithm
BCPlaid-class The Plaid Model Bicluster algorithm
BCQuest The Questmotif Bicluster algorithm
BCQuest-class The Questmotif Bicluster algorithm
BCQuestmet The Questmotif Bicluster algorithm
BCQuestmet-class The Questmotif Bicluster algorithm
BCQuestord The Questmotif Bicluster algorithm
BCQuestord-class The Questmotif Bicluster algorithm
BCrepBimax The Bimax Bicluster algorithm
BCrepBimax-class The Bimax Bicluster algorithm
BCSpectral The Spectral Bicluster algorithm
BCSpectral-class The Spectral Bicluster algorithm
BCXmotifs The Xmotifs Bicluster algorithm
BCXmotifs-class The Xmotifs Bicluster algorithm
BicatYeast BicAT Yeast
Biclust The Biclust Class
biclust The biclust Method
Biclust-class The Biclust Class
biclust-method The Bimax Bicluster algorithm
biclust-method The CC Bicluster algorithm
biclust-method The Plaid Model Bicluster algorithm
biclust-method The Questmotif Bicluster algorithm
biclust-method The Spectral Bicluster algorithm
biclust-method The Xmotifs Bicluster algorithm
biclust-method The biclust Method
biclustbarchart Bicluster Barchart
bicluster Extract Bilcuster
biclusternumber Extract Bilcuster
biclustmember Bicluster Membership Graph
BiclustMethod The BiclustMethod Virtual Class
BiclustMethod-class The BiclustMethod Virtual Class
BiclustResult The Biclust Class
bicorder Bicluster Membership Graph
Bimax The Bimax Bicluster algorithm
bimax.grid Parameter Grid for BCBimax Biclustering
binarize Binarize
binarizeByPercentage Binarize
bubble plot Bubbleplot
bubbleplot Bubbleplot
CC The CC Bicluster algorithm
ChiaKaruturi Chia and Karuturi Function
clustmember Bicluster Membership Graph
coherence Coherence measures
computeObservedFstat Diagnostic F Statistic Calculation
constantVariance Coherence measures
densityOnes Binarize
diagnoseColRow Bootstrap Procedure for Bicluster Diagnostics
diagnosticPlot Diagnostic F Statistics Visualization
diagnosticPlot2 Diagnostics F Statistiics Visualization
diagnosticTest Testing Procedure for Bicluster Diagnostics
discretize Create a discret matrix
drawHeatmap Draw Heatmap
drawHeatmap2 Draw Heatmap
E. coli microarray synthetic data matrix SynTReN E. coli
EisenYeast Eisen Yeast
ensemble Ensemble Methods for Bicluster Algorithms
Escherichia Coly data matrix generated by SynTReN SynTReN E. coli
heatmap Draw Heatmap
heatmapBC Overlapping Heatmap
isoverlapp Is Bicresult overlapping?
jaccard2 Jaccardind
jaccardind Jaccardind
Kluger biclustering The Spectral Bicluster algorithm
multiplicativeVariance Coherence measures
parallel coordinates Parallel Coordinates
parallelCoordinates Parallel Coordinates
plaid The Plaid Model Bicluster algorithm
plaid model The Plaid Model Bicluster algorithm
plaid.grid Parameter Grid for BCPlaid Biclustering
plotclust Barplot of Bicluster
predictBimax Predict from a BCrepBimax Result
Quest The Questmotif Bicluster algorithm
repBimax The Bimax Bicluster algorithm
Saccharomices Cerevisiae data matrix Eisen Yeast
Saccharomices Cerevisiae reduced data matrix BicAT Yeast
show-method The Biclust Class
signVariance Coherence measures
spectral The Spectral Bicluster algorithm
spectral biclustering The Spectral Bicluster algorithm
star graph Bubbleplot
summary-method The Biclust Class
SyntrenEcoli SynTReN E. coli
turner biclustering The Plaid Model Bicluster algorithm
writeBiclusterResults writeBiclusterResults
writeBiclusters writeBiclusterResults
writeclust Write a Bicluster as a Cluster Result
Xmotif The Xmotifs Bicluster algorithm
yeast microarray data matrix Eisen Yeast
yeast microarray reduced data matrix BicAT Yeast