Matching on Generalized Propensity Scores with Continuous Exposures

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Documentation for package ‘CausalGPS’ version 0.4.2

Help Pages

CausalGPS-package The 'CausalGPS' package.
absolute_corr_fun Check covariate balance using absolute approach
absolute_weighted_corr_fun Check Weighted Covariate Balance Using Absolute Approach
CausalGPS The 'CausalGPS' package.
check_covar_balance Check covariate balance
compile_pseudo_pop Compile pseudo population
estimate_gps Estimate generalized propensity score (GPS) values
estimate_npmetric_erf Estimate smoothed exposure-response function (ERF) for pseudo population
estimate_pmetric_erf Estimate Parametric Exposure Response Function
estimate_semipmetric_erf Estimate semi-exposure-response function (semi-ERF).
generate_pseudo_pop Generate pseudo population
generate_syn_data Generate synthetic data for the CausalGPS package
get_logger Get Logger Settings
plot.gpsm_erf Extend generic plot functions for gpsm_erf class
plot.gpsm_pspop Extend generic plot functions for gpsm_erf class
print.gpsm_erf Extend print function for gpsm_erf object
print.gpsm_pspop Extend print function for gpsm_pspop object
set_logger Set Logger Settings
summary.gpsm_erf print summary of gpsm_erf object
summary.gpsm_pspop print summary of gpsm_pspop object
synthetic_us_2010 Public data set for air pollution and health studies, case study: 2010 county-Level data set for the contiguous United States