Bayesian Networks & Path Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘bnpa’ version 0.3.0

Help Pages Executes a bootstrap during the learning of a BN structure
check.algorithms Verifies the BN learning algorithms Verify if one specific variable of a data set is dichotomic Check the levels of a categorical variable Verify variables with NA Verify if one specific variable of a data set is an ordered factor Verifies if there are ordered factor variables to be declared in the pa model building process
check.outliers Indentifies and gives an option to remove outliers Verify the type of one variable
check.types Verify types of variable Check if the variables need to be ordered
convert.confusion.matrix Converts the position of any element of confusion matrix to VP, FP, FN, VN
create.cluster Create a Parallel Socket Cluster
create.dummies Creates dummy variables in the data set and remove master variables
dataQualiN A qualitative data set to test functions
dataQuantC A quantiative data set to test functions Learn the Bayesian Network structure from data and build a PA model Generates a PA model Generates PA input model Mounts a white or black list
outcome.predictor.var Builds a black list of predictor and/or outcome variable
preprocess.outliers Extract information of outliers
transf.into.ordinal Transform categorical variables into ordinal