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Documentation for package ‘DescrTab2’ version 2.1.16

Help Pages

.onLoad Load LaTeX packages Check whether a vector (usually a factor) can be cleanly converted to a numeric
codegen_load_all_sas_data Create code to load all SAS datasets in a folder.
create_character_subtable Function to create (a part of a) nicely formatted table
create_numeric_subtable Function to create (a part of a) nicely formatted table
descr Calculate descriptive statistics
DescrTab2 DescrTab2
escape_latex_symbols Escape LaTeX Symbols
extract_labels Extract the label attribute from data
farrington.manning Farrington-Manning test for rate difference
format_freqs Formatting function for absolute and relative frequencies
guess_ID_variable Make an educated guess about the name of the ID variable from a dataset
ignore_unused_args but without an error for unused arguments
in_minipage Wrap cell text in minipage LaTeX environment with stretchy space
knit_print.DescrList S3 override for knit_print function for DescrList objects.
knit_print.DescrPrint S3 override for knit_print function for DescrPrint objects.
lapply_descr Convenience function to apply descr to a list of datasets and print the results
list_freetext_markdown Create a markdown listing from a character dataset
n_int_digits Digits before decimal -1
parse_formats Parse a text file containing format information
print.DescrList S3 override for print function for DescrList objects.
print_test_names Prints all possible tests names
read_redcap_formatted Convencience function to load datasets downloaded from a Redcap database
read_sas_formatted Convencience function to load SAS datasets
sigfig Format number to a specified number of digits, considering threshold for usage of scientific notation
sigfig_gen Generator function for nice formatting functions
sig_test Calculates a statistical significance test
split_redcap_dataset Split a dataset imported from Redcap into convenient subsets
unlabel Remove the label attribute from data
write_in_tmpfile_for_cran Function that returns true in CRAN submission