Semiparametric Bivariate Correlated Frailty Models Fit

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Documentation for package ‘bcfrailph’ version 0.1.1

Help Pages

bcfrailph Semi-parametric bivariate correlated frailty model.
bcfrailph.control Arguments for controlling bcfrailph fits.
fitbccv.gammasp Bivariate correlated gamma frailty model fitting function.
fitbccv.lognsp Bivariate correlated lognormal frailty model fitting function.
plot.bcfrailph Plot bcfrailph
print.bcfrailph Print bcfrailph
print.shrgamsp Print shrgamsp
shrgamsp Cox PH model with univariate and bivariate shared gamma frailty model.
simbcfrailph Simulate data from bivariate correlated frailty models.
simstdybcf Simulation study for bivariate correlated frailty models.
summary.bcfrailph Print bcfrailph
summary.shrgamsp Print shrgamsp