Calibration of Scatterplot and Biplot Axes

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Documentation for package ‘calibrate’ version 1.7.7

Help Pages

bplot General function for making biplots
calibrate Calibration of Biplot and Scatterplot Axis
calves Delivery of Dutch Calves
canocor Canonical correlation analysis
circle Draw a circle
dlines Connect two sets of points by lines
goblets Size measurements of archeological goblets
heads Dimensions of heads of first and second sons for 25 families
linnerud Linnerud's exercise and body measurements
ones Generates a matrix of ones
origin Origin
PrinCoor Function for Principal Coordinate Analysis
rad2degree Convert radians to degrees.
rda Redundancy analysis
shiftvector Compute a shift vector for a calibrated axis.
spaindist Road distances between Spanish cities
storks Frequencies of nesting storks in Denmark
textxy Nice placement of labels in a plot