Algorithms for Bundling Edges in Networks and Visualizing Flow and Metro Maps

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Documentation for package ‘edgebundle’ version 0.4.1

Help Pages

cali2010 Migration from California in 2010
convert_edges Convert edges
convert_edges.default Convert edges
convert_edges.igraph Convert edges Convert edges
convert_edges.tbl_graph Convert edges
edge_bundle_force force directed edge bundling
edge_bundle_hammer hammer edge bundling
edge_bundle_path Edge-Path Bundling
edge_bundle_stub stub edge bundling
install_bundle_py install python dependencies for hammer bundling
metro_berlin Subway network of Berlin
metro_multicriteria Metro Map Layout
tnss_dummies Sample points for triangulated networks
tnss_smooth Smooth a Steiner tree
tnss_tree Create Steiner tree from real and dummy points
us_flights Flights within the US
us_migration Migration within the US 2010-2019