B-Spline Interpolation and Regression

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Documentation for package ‘bspline’ version 2.2

Help Pages

bcurve nD B-curve governed by (x,y,...) control points.
bsc Basis matrix and knot Jacobian for B-spline of order 0 (step function) and higher
bsp Calculate B-spline values from their coefficients qw and knots xk
bspline bspline: build and use B-splines for interpolation and regression.
bsppar Retrieve parameters of B-splines
dbsp Derivative of B-spline
diffn Finite differences
dmat Differentiation matrix
fitsmbsp Smoothing B-spline of order n >= 0
ibsp Indefinite integral of B-spline
iknots Estimate internal knot positions equalizing jumps in n-th derivative
ipk Intervals of points in knot intervals
jacw Knot Jacobian of B-spline with weights
par2bsp Convert parameters to B-spline function
parr Polynomial formulation of B-spline
smbsp Smoothing B-spline of order n >= 0