Causal Batch Effects

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Documentation for package ‘causalBatch’ version 1.2.0

Help Pages

cb.align.kway_match K-Way matching
cb.align.vm_trim Vector Matching
cb.correct.caus_cComBat Causal Conditional ComBat
cb.detect.caus_cdcorr Causal Conditional Distance Correlation
cb.sims.covar_generator Covariate generator function
cb.sims.get_beta_overlap Compute overlap of two beta distributions
cb.sims.sim_impulse Impulse Simulation
cb.sims.sim_impulse_asycov Impulse Simulation with Asymmetric Covariates
cb.sims.sim_linear Linear Simulation
cb.sims.sim_sigmoid Sigmoidal Simulation
covariate.match Pairwise covariate matching
ohe A utility to one-hot encode a treatment vector.
sigmoid Sigmoid function
zero_one_dist A utility to compute the zero-one distances for a treatment vector.