Interface to 'ECMWF' and 'CDS' Data Web Services

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Documentation for package ‘ecmwfr’ version 1.5.0

Help Pages

wf_archetype Creates an archetype function
wf_check_request check ECMWF / CDS data requests
wf_datasets ECMWF dataset list
wf_delete delete ECMWF request
wf_get_key Get secret ECMWF / CDS token
wf_product_info Renders product lists for a given dataset and data service
wf_request ECMWF data request and download
wf_request_batch ECMWF data request and download
wf_services ECMWF services list
wf_set_key Set secret ECMWF token
wf_transfer ECMWF data transfer function
wf_user_info ECMWF WebAPI user info query