A Collection of Functions for Graphing Correlation Matrices

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Documentation for package ‘Correlplot’ version 1.0.4

Help Pages

aircraftR Correlations between characteristics of aircraft
angleToR Convert angles to correlations.
artificialR Correlations for 10 generated variables
athletesR Correlation matrix of characteristics of Australian athletes
banknotes Swiss banknote data
berkeleyR Correlation matrix for boys of the Berkeley Guidance Study
cathedralsR Correlation matrix for height and length
correlogram Plot a correlogram
countriesR Correlations between educational and demographic variables
fit_angles Fit angles to a correlation matrix
fysiologyR Correlations between thirtheen fysiological variables
gobletsR Correlations between size measurements of archeological goblets
HeartAttack Myocardial infarction or Heart attack data
ipSymLS Function for obtaining a weighted least squares low-rank approximation of a symmetric matrix
Kernels Wheat kernel data
linangplot Linang plot
lincos Linearized cosine function
pco Principal Coordinate Analysis
PearsonLee Heights of mothers and daughters
pfa Principal factor analysis
proteinR Correlations between sources of protein
proteinsR Correlations between sources of protein
recordsR Correlations between national track records for men
rmse Calculate the root mean squared error
storksR Correlations between three variables
students Marks for 5 student exams
studentsR Correlations between marks for 5 exams