Create 'Ascii' Screen Casts from R Scripts

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Documentation for package ‘asciicast’ version 2.3.1

Help Pages

asciicast-package asciicast parameters
asciicast_options Default options to set in the asciicast subprocess.
asciicast_start_process Start an asciicast background process
asciinema_player asciinema player HTML widget
clear_screen Merge multiple ASCII casts into one
default_theme The default asciicast theme
expect_snapshot_r_process testthat snapshot test with asciicast
get_locales Helper function to query locales as a named character vector.
init_knitr_engine Initialize the asciicast knitr engine
install_phantomjs Install PhantomJS
merge_casts Merge multiple ASCII casts into one
pause Merge multiple ASCII casts into one
play Play asciinema cast as an SVG image in the default browser
read_cast Import an asciicast from an asciicast JSON file
record Record an asciinema screencast
record_output Record output of an R script and return it as a character vector
write_gif Export ascii screencast to animated GIF file
write_html Create a HTML snapshot of an asciicast
write_json Write an ascii cast to file
write_svg Create animated SVG from an asciicast