Analysis of Oceanographic Argo Floats

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Documentation for package ‘argoFloats’ version 1.0.6

Help Pages

argoFloats-package A Package for Processing Argo Float Profiles
applyQC Apply Quality Control Flags
argoDefaultBathymetry Get Default Values
argoDefaultDestdir Get Default Values
argoDefaultIndexAge Get Default Values
argoDefaultProfileAge Get Default Values
argoDefaultServer Get Default Values
argoFloats-class Base Class for argoFloats Objects
argoFloatsDebug Print Debugging Information
argoFloatsGetFromCache Get an Item From The Cache
argoFloatsIsCached Check Whether an Item is Cached
argoFloatsStoreInCache Store an Item in the Cache Sample Argo File (Delayed Core Data)
downloadWithRetries Download and Cache a Dataset
getIndex Get an Index of Available Argo Float Profiles
getProfileFromUrl Get Data for an Argo Float Profile
getProfiles Get "cycles"/"trajectory" Files Named in an argoFloats Index
hasArgoTestCache Get Default Values
hexToBits Convert Hexadecimal Digit to Integer Vector
index A Sample Index of Profiles
indexBgc A Sample Index of Biogeochemical-Argo Profiles
indexDeep A Sample Index of Deep Argo
indexSynthetic A Sample Index of Synthetic Profiles
mapApp Interactive App For Viewing Argo Float Positions
merge-method Merge argoFloats Indices
plot-method Plot an argoFloats Object Sample Argo File (Real-Time Core Data)
readProfiles Read Argo Profiles From Local Files Sample Argo File (Delayed Synthetic Data)
show-method Show Information About argoFloats Object
showQCTests Show Real-Time QC Test Results For an Argo Object Sample Argo File (Real-Time Synthetic Data)
subset-method Subset an argoFloats Object
summary-method Summarize an argoFloats Object
useAdjusted Switch [[ and Plot to Focus on Adjusted Data, if Available
[[-method Look up a Value Within an argoFloats Object