Download, Wrangle, and Analyse Vessel Monitoring System Data

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Documentation for package ‘dafishr’ version 1.0.0

Help Pages

all_mpas Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) of Mexico
clean_land_points Clean points falling inland
join_mpa_data Detect fishing vessel presence within Marine Protected Areas polygons in Mexico
join_ports_locations Label points when vessel is at port
model_vms Vessel Modeling with Gaussian Mixture Models
mpas_buffers Buffer around remote Marine Protected Areas, MPAs, of Mexico
mx_coastline Mexican coastline
mx_coastline_buffer Buffer around the Mexican coastline
mx_eez Mexico shape
mx_eez_pacific Economic Exclusive Zone (EEZ) of the Pacific side of Mexico
mx_inland Area inland of Mexico
mx_ports Ports and Marinas of Mexico
mx_shape Mexico mainland
pacific_landings Catch data from the vessels in Mexico
pelagic_vessels_permits List of vessels with pelagic fishing permits
preprocessing_vms Preprocessing Vessel Monitoring System data
remote_mpas Remote Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) of Mexico
sample_dataset Vessel Monitoring System, VMS, sample dataset from Mexican fishery commission
vms_clean Fixing dates and column names
vms_download Download Vessel Monitoring System, VMS, raw data