The Braid Groups

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Documentation for package ‘braids’ version 1.0.0

Help Pages

allBraidWords Braid words of given length
allPositiveBraidWords Positive braid words of given length
braidASCII ASCII braid
braidPermutation Braid permutation
bronfmanPolynomials Bronfman polynomials
composeManyBraids Composition of many braids.
composeTwoBraids Composition of two braids
doubleSigma Double generator
freeReduceBraidWord Free reduction of a braid
halfTwist Half-twist
inverseBraid Inverse braid
isPermutationBraid Whether a braid is a permutation braid
isPositiveBraidWord Whether a braid is positive
isPureBraid Whether a braid is pure
linkingMatrix Linking matrix
mkBraid Make a braid
numberOfStrands Number of strands
permutationBraid Permutation braid
strandLinking Linking number between two strands
tau Inner automorphism