Evidential Clustering

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Documentation for package ‘evclust’ version 2.0.2

Help Pages

bananas Generation of "bananas" datasets
bootclus Generating a credal partition by bootstraping Gaussian Mixture Models
bpec Belief Peak Evidential Clustering (BPEC)
butterfly Butterfly dataset
cecm Constrained Evidential c-means algorithm
createD Computation of a Euclidean distance matrix
createPairs Finding overlapping pairs of clusters
create_fuzzy_credpart Creation of a "credpart" object from a from a fuzzy or possibilistic partition matrix
create_hard_credpart Creation of a "credpart" object from a vector of class labels
create_MLCL Random generation of Must-Link and Cannot-Link constraints
credal_RI Credal Rand indices
delta_Bel Delta-Bel graph for Belief Peak Evidential Clustering (BPEC)
ecm Evidential c-means algorithm
EkNNclus EkNNclus algorithm
evclust evclust: A package for evidential clustering
expandlink Expansion of must-link and cannot-link constraints
extractMass Creates an object of class "credpart"
fourclass Synthetic four-class dataset
harris Harris gradient-based optimization algorithm
kcevclus k-CEVCLUS algorithm
kevclus k-EVCLUS algorithm
knn_dist K nearest neighbors in a dissimilarity matrix
kpcca Kernel Pairwise Constrained Component Analysis (KPCCA)
makeF Creation of a matrix of focal sets
nnevclus NN-EVCLUS algorithm
nnevclus_mb NN-EVCLUS algorithm (minibatch version)
nonspecificity Nonspecificity of the relational representation of a credal partition
normalize.credpart Normalization of a credal partition
pairwise_mass Computes the relational representation
pcca Pairwise Constrained Component Analysis (PCCA)
plot.credpart Plotting a credal partition
predict.credpart Computation of a credal partition for new data
protein Protein dataset
recm Relational Evidential c-means algorithm
s2 S2 dataset
summary.credpart Summary of a credal partition