R Implementation of Congruent Matching Profile Segments Method

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Documentation for package ‘cmpsR’ version 0.1.2

Help Pages

bullets Information of two example bullets
cmps_na_trim Remove the leading and trailing missing values in a numeric vector
cmps_segment_plot Plot the selected basis segment and its cross-correlation curve at all scales based on the results of CMPS algorithm
cmps_signature_plot Plot reference signature and comparison signature based on the results of CMPS algorithm
compute_cross_corr Wrapper function for compute_cross_corr
compute_diff_phase Compute a Statistic for the Foreground Phase and the Background Phases
compute_score_metrics Compute Different Metrics Based on Scores
compute_ss_ratio #' Compute the Sum of Squares Ratio
extract_feature_cmps Computes the CMPS score of a comparison between two bullet profiles/signatures
get_all_phases Obtain a list of all phases of a bullet-by-bullet comparison
get_ccf4 Function to calculate the cross-correlation between two sequences
get_ccp Identify at most one consistent correlation peak (ccp)
get_ccr_peaks Identify peaks of a cross correlation curve
get_CMPS Compute the CMPS score
get_segs Divide a bullet signature/profile into basis segments of desired length
get_seg_scale Change the sacle of a segment
local_max_cmps find local maximums
metric_plot_helper Helper Function for Plotting the Distribution of a Metric
na_trim_cmps Wrapper function for na_trim