Crop Growing Degree Days and Agrometeorological Calculations

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Documentation for package ‘cropgrowdays’ version 0.2.1

Help Pages

boonah SILO weather data extracted for Boonah SE Queensland
crop Crop data containing hypothetical sowing flowering and harvest dates
cumulative Sum of a weather variable between between two dates
daily_mean Mean of daily weather variable values between two dates
date_from_day_year Calculate a date from the day of the year and the year
day_of_harvest The day of harvest in the year of sowing
day_of_year Calculate day of year from a date
get_multi_silodata Retrieve SILO data for multiple sites from Qld DES longpaddock website
get_silodata Retrieve weather data from Queensland Government DES longpaddock website
growing_degree_days Degree days as the sum of capped average daily temperature above a baseline value
number_of_days The number of days between two dates
stress_days_over The number of days that maximum temp is over a baseline value
two_sites SILO weather data extracted for two arbitrary sites
weather_extract Extract one or more columns of weather data between two dates