Sparse Matrix Format with Data on Disk

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Documentation for package ‘bigsparser’ version 0.7.1

Help Pages

as_SFBM Class SFBM
as_SFBM_corr_compact Class SFBM_corr_compact
dim-method Dimension and type methods for class 'SFBM'.
length-method Dimension and type methods for class 'SFBM'.
SFBM-class Class SFBM
SFBM_compact-class Class SFBM_compact
SFBM_compact_RC Class SFBM_compact
SFBM_corr_compact-class Class SFBM_corr_compact
SFBM_corr_compact_RC Class SFBM_corr_compact
sp_cprodVec Products with a vector
sp_prodVec Products with a vector
sp_solve_sym Solver for symmetric SFBM
[-method Accessor methods for class 'SFBM'.