Data Representation: Bayesian Approach That's Sparse

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Documentation for package ‘DrBats’ version 0.1.6

Help Pages

coda.obj Convert a STAN objet to MCMC list
coinertia.drbats Perform Coinertia Analysis on the PCA of the Weighted PCA and Deville's PCA
drbats.simul Main simulation function
histoProj Project a set of curves onto a histogram basis
modelFit Fit a Bayesian Latent Factor to a data set using STAN
pca.Deville Perform a PCA using Deville's method
pca.proj.Xt PCA data projected onto a histogram basis
postdens Calculate the unnormalized posterior density of the model
stanfit A stanfit object fitted to the toydata
toydata A toy longitudinal data set
visbeta Format scores output for visualization
visW Plot the estimates for the latent factors
W.QR Build and decompose a low-rank matrix W
weighted.Deville Perform a weighted PCA using Deville's method on a data matrix X that we project onto a histogram basis and weighted