Mediation Analysis with Missing Data Using Bootstrap

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Documentation for package ‘bmem’ version 2.1

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bmem-package Mediation analysis with missing data using bootstrap
bmem Mediation analysis based on bootstrap Bootstrap but using the Bollen-Stine method Bias-corrected confidence intervals Bias-corrected confidence intervals (for a single variable) Bias-corrected and accelerated confidence intervals BCa for a single variable Confidence interval based on normal approximation Percentile confidence interval
bmem.cov Calculate the covariance matrix based on a given ram model
bmem.em Estimate a mediation model based on EM covariance matrix
bmem.em.boot Bootstrap for EM
bmem.em.cov Covariance matrix from EM
bmem.em.jack Jackknife estimate using EM
bmem.em.rcov Estimation of robust covariance matrix
bmem.list Estimate a mediaiton model based on listwise deletion
bmem.list.boot Bootstrap for listwise deletion method
bmem.list.cov Covariance matrix for listwise deletion
bmem.list.jack Jackknife for listwise deletion
bmem.mi Estimate a mediation model based on multiple imputation
bmem.mi.boot Bootstrap for multiple imputation
bmem.mi.cov Covariance estimation for multiple imputation
bmem.mi.jack Jackknife for multiple imputation
bmem.moments Calculate the moments of a data set
bmem.pair Estimate a mediaiton model based on pairwise deletion
bmem.pair.boot Bootstrap for pairwise deletion
bmem.pair.cov Covariance matrix estimation based on pairwise deletion
bmem.pair.jack Jackknife for pairwise deletion
bmem.pattern Obtain missing data pattern information
bmem.plot Plot of the bootstrap distribution. This function is replaced by plot.
bmem.raw2cov Convert a raw moment matrix to covariance matrix
bmem.sem Estimate a mediaiton model using SEM technique
bmem.sobel Mediation analysis using sobel test (for complete data only)
bmem.sobel.ind Mediation analysis using sobel test for one indirect effect
bmem.ssq Sum square of a matrix
bmem.v Select data according to a vector of indices
plot Plot of the bootstrap distribution
plot.bmem Plot of the bootstrap distribution
popPar Get the population parameter values
power.basic Conducting power analysis based on Sobel test
power.boot Conducting power analysis based on bootstrap
power.curve Generate a power curve
summary Calculate bootstrap confidence intervals
summary.bmem Calculate bootstrap confidence intervals
summary.power Organize the results into a table