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Documentation for package ‘animl’ version 1.0.0

Help Pages

classifyImageMD Run MD on a single image
classifyImagesBatchMD Run MegaDetector on a batch of images
classifySequence Leverage sequences to classify images
classifyVideo Select Best Classification From Multiple Frames
convertMDresults Convert the MD output into a data frame
convertMDResultsSimple Quickly flatten output from MegaDetector
decode_img_full Load image with TF, full size for MD
decode_img_resize Load image with TF 35722 and resize for MD
extractAllBoxes Extract bounding boxes and save as new image from a batch of images
extractAllBoxesFromFlat Extract ,cropped images from a processed dataframe
extractBoxes Extract bounding boxes for a single image and save as new images
extractBoxesFromFlat Extract crops from a single image represented by a processed dataframe
extractFiles Extract exif data and create dataframe, adjust time if necessary.
imagesFromVideos Extract frames from video for classification
loadMDModel Title
multispecies Classify images with multiple potential species
parseMDjson parse MD JSON results file
parseMDsimple parse MD JSON results file into a simple dataframe
plotBoxes Plot bounding boxes on image from md results
plotBoxesFromFlat Plot bounding boxes from MD flat data frame
resize_pad Resize an image with padding