Adds Functionality to the R Markdown + Shiny Bootstrap Framework

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Documentation for package ‘bsplus’ version 0.1.4

Help Pages

bs_accordion Accordion panel-group
bs_accordion_sidebar Accordion-sidebar panel-group
bs_append.bsplus_accordion Accordion panel-group
bs_append.bsplus_accordion_sidebar Accordion-sidebar panel-group
bs_append.bsplus_carousel Carousel
bs_attach_collapse Collapsible element
bs_attach_modal Modal window
bs_button Button
bs_carousel Carousel
bs_carousel_caption Carousel caption
bs_carousel_image Carousel image
bs_collapse Collapsible element
bs_embed_popover Popover
bs_embed_tooltip Tooltip
bs_modal Modal window
bs_modal_closebutton Modal window
bs_panel Panel
bs_set_aria Sets Bootstrap data- and aria- attributes.
bs_set_data Sets Bootstrap data- and aria- attributes.
bs_set_opts.bsplus_accordion Accordion panel-group
bs_set_opts.bsplus_accordion_sidebar Accordion-sidebar panel-group
render_html_fragment Renders and returns an HTML fragment
shinyInput_label_embed Embed an element into the label of a Shiny-input tag
shiny_iconlink Create link containing Shiny icon
use_bs_accordion_sidebar Accordion-sidebar panel-group
use_bs_popover Popover
use_bs_tooltip Tooltip