Behavioral Change Point Analysis of Animal Movement

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Documentation for package ‘bcpa’ version 1.3.2

Help Pages

bcpa-package Behavioral Change Point Analysis
bcpa Behavioral Change Point Analysis
ChangePointSummary Obtain summary of BCPA analysis
DiagPlot Diagnostic plot for BCPA
GetBestBreak Find most likely change point in irregular time series
GetDoubleL Obtain log-likelihood and parameter estimates for a given break point.
GetL Obtain likelihood estimates of gappy Gaussian time series
GetModels Model selection at a known breakpoint
GetRho Characteristic time / auto-correlation for irregular time series
GetRho2 Characteristic time / auto-correlation for irregular time series
GetVT Obtain VT table from Track
MakeTrack Make Track
PartitionParameters Partition parameters
PathPlot Path plot of BCPA output
PhasePlot Phase plot of BCPA output
plot.bcpa Plotting method for BCPA output
plot.track Plot Track
Simp Simulated Chim (Simp) Data
WindowSweep Perform window sweep for BCPA
_PACKAGE Behavioral Change Point Analysis