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Documentation for package ‘astrodatR’ version 0.1

Help Pages

asteroid_dens Densities of asteroids
censor_Be Stellar abundances and planets
COMBO17_lowz Galaxy color-magnitude diagram
COUP_var COUP: X-ray source variability
ell_gal_profile Elliptical galaxy radial profiles
exoplanet_RV Exoplanet radial velocities
GlobClus_mag Globular cluster magnitudes
GlobClus_prop Galactic globular cluster properties
GX GX 5-1: X-ray source variability
HIP Hipparchos stars
LMC_dist Distance to the Large Magellanic Cloud
plan_neb_LF Planetary nebula luminosity function
protostellar_disks Protostellar disks
protostellar_jets Protostellar jets
SDSS_ptsrc_test Sloan Digital Sky Survey point source photometry: Test sample
SDSS_ptsrc_train Sloan Digital Sky Survey point source photometry: Training sample
SDSS_QSO Sloan Digital Sky Survey quasars
Shapley_galaxy Shapley Concentration of galaxies redshift survey
Sun_spot_num Sunspot numbers