Quality Evaluation of Core Collections

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Documentation for package ‘EvaluateCore’ version 0.1.2

Help Pages

bar.evaluate.core Bar Plots
box.evaluate.core Box Plots
chisquare.evaluate.core Chi-squared Test for Homogeneity
corr.evaluate.core Phenotypic Correlations
coverage.evaluate.core Class Coverage
cr.evaluate.core Coincidence Rate of Range
dist.evaluate.core Distance Measures
freqdist.evaluate.core Frequency Distribution Histogram
iqr.evaluate.core Interquartile Range
levene.evaluate.core Levene's Test
pca.evaluate.core Principal Component Analysis
pdfdist.evaluate.core Distance Between Probability Distributions
percentdiff.evaluate.core Percentage Difference of Means and Variances
qq.evaluate.core Quantile-Quantile Plots
shannon.evaluate.core Shannon-Weaver Diversity Index
signtest.evaluate.core Sign Test
snk.evaluate.core Student-Newman-Keuls Test
ttest.evaluate.core Student's t Test
vr.evaluate.core Variable Rate of Coefficient of Variation
wilcox.evaluate.core Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test