Data Sets for Symbolic Data Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘dataSDA’ version 0.1.0

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Abalone.iGAP Abalone iGAP format Dataset Age-cholesterol-weight Interval-Valued Dataset
airline_flights Airline Flights Dataset
airline_flights2 Airline Flights Modal-Valued Dataset Baseball Interval-Valued Dataset Bird Interval-Valued Dataset Blood Pressure Interval-Valued Dataset Car Interval-Valued Dataset Cars Interval Dataset China Temperatures Interval Dataset
clean_colnames clean_colnames
crime Crime demographics Dataset
crime2 Crime demographics Modal-Valued Dataset Finance Interval-Valued Dataset
fuel_consumption Fuel Consumption Dataset
health_insurance Health Insurance Dataset
health_insurance2 Health Insurance Modal-Valued Dataset
hierarchy Hierarchy Dataset Hierarchy Interval-Valued Dataset Horses Interval-Valued Dataset
iGAP_to_MM iGAP to MM Lack of information questionnaire interval dataset. Loans by purpose: Interval Dataset
mushroom Mushroom Data Set Mushroom Interval Dataset New York City flights Interval Dataset
occupations Occupation Salaries Dataset
occupations2 Occupation Salaries Modal-Valued Dataset 30 year trimmed mean daily temperatures interval dataset for the Ohio river basin. Profession Work Salary Time Interval-Valued Dataset
RSDA_format RSDA Format
set_variable_format Set Variable Format Soccer bivar Interval Data Set Veterinary Interval-Valued Dataset
write_csv_table Write Symbolic Data Table